A virtual crossmatch-based strategy for perioperative desensitisation in lung transplant recipients with preformed donor-specific antibodies: 3-year outcome.

Preformed donor-specific antibodies (DSAs) are associated with worse outcome after lung transplantation (LTx) and migvaht limit access to LTx. A virtual crossmatch (CXM)-based strategy for perioperative desensitisation protocol has been used for immunised LTx candidates since 2012 at Foch hospital. We compared the outcome of desensitised LTx candidates with high DSA mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) and those with low or no preformed DSAs, not desensitised.For all consecutive LTx recipients (January-2012/March-2018), freedom from CLAD and graft survival were assessed by Kaplan-Meier analysis and Cox multivariate analysis.We compared outcomes for desensitised patients with high preformed DSAs (n=39) and those with no (n=216) or low pre-formed DSAs (n=66). The desensitisation protocol decreased the level of immunodominant DSA (class I/II) at 1, 3, and 6 month post-LTx (p<0.001, p<0.01, p<0.001, respectively). Freedom from CLAD and graft survival at 3 years was similar in the desensitised group as a whole and other groups. Nevertheless, incidence of CLAD was higher with persistent high- than cleared high-level (p=0.044) or no DSAs (p=0.014). Conversely, graft survival was better with cleared high DSAs than persistent high-, low-level, and no pre-formed DSAs (p=0.019, p=0.025, and p=0.044, respectively). On multivariate analysis, graft survival was associated with cleared high DSAs (HR: 0.12 [95%CI: 0.02-0.85] versus no DSAs, p=0.035) and CLAD with persistent DSAs (HR: 3.04 [1.02-9.17] versus no preformed DSAs, p=0.048).The desensitisation protocol in LTx recipients with high preformed DSAs was associated with satisfactory outcome, with cleared high pre-formed DSAs after desensitisation identified as an independent predictor of graft survival.

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Authors: Francois Parquin, Benjamin Zuber, Alexandre Vallée, Jean-Luc Taupin, Elise Cuquemelle, Stéphanie Malard, Mathilde Neuville, Jérôme Devaquet, Morgan Le Guen, Julien Fessler, Laurence Beaumont, Clément Picard, Abdulmonem Hamid, Sylvie Colin de Verdière, Dominique Grenet, Sandra De Miranda, Matthieu Glorion, Edouard Sage, Ciprian Pricopi, Julien De Wolf, Anne-Laure Brun, Elisabeth Longchampt, Charles Cerf, Antoine Roux, Olivier Brugière