A neutrophil signature is strongly associated with increased cardiovascular risk in gout.

To investigate the association between neutrophil activation and cardiovascular risk in gout patients. We hypothesize that neutrophil activation mediates inflammation and therefore takes part in atherogenesis in gout patients.Patient data were collected from 75 consecutive gout patients participating in the Reade gout cohort Amsterdam. Levels of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) and neutrophil activation (calprotectin and peroxidase activity) were analysed by ELISA and fluorimetry in plasma and compared with healthy controls. Markers of neutrophil activation were related to clinical markers of cardiovascular risk, including BMI, smoking, blood pressure, lipid profile and 10 year risk of cardiovascular mortality (EU-SCORE).Increased levels of NETs were found in gout patients, although increased levels were not associated with cardiovascular risk. However, markers of neutrophil activation, including peroxidase activity correlated with waist:hip ratio (β = 0.33, P 

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