A Detailed Appraisal of Renal manifestations in Primary Hyperparathyroidism from Indian PHPT Registry: Before and after curative parathyroidectomy.

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Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) is a systemic disorder characterized by hypercalcemia and inappropriately elevated parathyroid hormone (PTH). Renal manifestations are one of the main presenting features both in symptomatic and asymptomatic PHPT patients.We aimed to compare demographic, clinical, and biochemical parameters of PHPT patients with and without renal manifestations and also analyzed the influence of curative parathyroidectomy on renal functions.We retrospectively analyzed the data of PHPT patients from the last 25 years (1995- March 2019) and compared the demographic, clinical presentation and biochemical measurements between patients with and without renal manifestations and evaluated the changes in renal functions after 1year of curative parathyroidectomy.Of the total 544 PHPT patients, 295 (55%) including 91 out of 141 (64.5%) male had renal manifestations. Among renal manifestations, nephrolithiasis, and nephrocalcinosis were found in 41.7%, and 27.6% PHPT patients respectively. PHPT patients with renal manifestations had significantly higher creatinine (109.7 vs 79.6 µmol/L; p <0.0001) and lower eGFR level (78.8 vs. 93.9ml/min/1.73m2 ; p <0.0001) compared to patients without renal manifestations. Parathyroidectomy resolved the clinical symptoms with biochemical cure in the patients from both the groups. Patients with renal manifestations showed improvement in creatinine and eGFR levels after 1 year of curative parathyroidectomy, however, patients without renal manifestations showed no change in creatinine and eGFR levels.Young age and male gender are predictors of renal manifestations in PHPT. Curative parathyroidectomy improves renal functions in PHPT patients with renal manifestations compared to PHPT patients without renal manifestation.

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