Complement deposition, C4d, on platelets is associated with vascular events in systemic lupus erythematosus.

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Complement components, including C4d, can be found on activated platelets, a process associated with vascular disease in SLE. We investigated whether platelet C4d (PC4d) adds additional value to traditional and known lupus-associated risk factors when identifying SLE patients with vascular disease.This cross-sectional study included 308 well-characterized SLE patients and 308 matched general population controls. PC4d deposition was analysed using flow cytometry. Values >95% of controls were considered as PC4d positive (+). aPL were determined by Luminex, and the LA test was performed by DRVVT. History of vascular disease (composite and as separate outcomes) was defined at inclusion.SLE patients had increased PC4d deposition as compared with population controls (50 vs 5%, P 

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