Outcomes and Mortality of Grade 1 Ascites and Recurrent Ascites in Patients With Cirrhosis.

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Ascites has been classified according to quantity and response to medical therapy. Despite its precise definitions, little is known about the effects of grade 1 ascites or recurrent ascites (i.e. ascites that recurs at least on 3 occasions within a 12-month period despite dietary sodium restriction and adequate diuretic dosage) on patient outcome. We studied progression of grade 1 ascites and recurrent ascites in a large cohort of outpatients with cirrhosis.We performed a post-hoc analysis of data from 547 outpatients with cirrhosis (259 without ascites, 54 patients with grade 1 ascites, 234 with grade 2 or 3 ascites) who participated a care management program study in Italy from March 2003 through September 2017. We collected demographic, clinical, and laboratory data and patients were evaluated at least every 6 months. Patients received abdominal ultrasound analysis at study inclusion and at least twice a year. Number and volume of paracentesis were collected, when available. Patients were followed until death, liver transplantation, or March 2018. The median follow-up time was 29 months. Primary outcomes were mortality and development of complications of cirrhosis.There was no significant difference in 60-month transplant-free survival between patients with grade 1 vs grade 2 or 3 ascites (36% vs 43%) but survival was significantly lower when both groups were compared with patients without ascites (68%; P

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