Clinical course of adrenal myelolipoma: a long-term longitudinal follow-up study.

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Systematic approach to myelolipoma remains poorly defined. We aimed to describe clinical course of myelolipoma and to identify predictors of tumor growth and need for surgery.We conducted a retrospective study of consecutive patients with myelolipoma.A total of 321 myelolipomas (median size, 2.3 cm) were diagnosed in 305 patients at median age of 63 years (range, 25-87). Median follow-up was 54 months. Most myelolipomas were incidentally detected (86%), whereas 9% were discovered during cancer staging, and 5% during workup of mass effect symptoms. Thirty seven (12%) patients underwent adrenalectomy. Compared to myelolipomas <6 cm, tumors ≥6 cm were more likely to be right-sided (59% vs 41%, P=0.02), bilateral (21% vs 3%, P

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