Smartphone Application to Reinforce Education Increases High-Quality Preparation for Colorectal Cancer Screening Colonoscopies in a Randomized Trial.

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Sufficient bowel preparation is crucial for successful screening and surveillance colonoscopy. However, rates of inadequate preparation are still high. We investigated the effects of reinforced patient education using a smartphone application software (APP) for colonoscopy preparation in participants in a CRC screening program.We performed a prospective, endoscopist-blinded study of 500 patients undergoing split-dose bowel preparation for CRC screening or surveillance colonoscopies at multiple centers in Germany, from November 2017 through January 2019. Participants (n=500) were given oral and written instructions during their initial appointment and then randomly assigned (1:1) to groups that received reinforced education starting 3 days before the colonoscopy (APP group) or no further education (controls). The primary outcome was quality of bowel preparation according to the Boston bowel preparation scale. Secondary outcomes included polyp and adenoma detection rates, compliance with low-fiber diet, split-dose laxative intake, perceived discomfort from the preparation procedure.The mean Boston bowel preparation scale score was significantly higher in the APP-group (7.6±0.1) than in the control group (6.7±0.1) (P

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