GP app expansion to cover 1.85 million patients

Author: Adrian O'Dowd
GP app expansion to cover 1.85 million patients

Digital healthcare provider LIVI has announced it is expanding its coverage across England and will now cover 1.85 million patients thanks to new NHS partnerships with local GP federations.

LIVI, the UK division of Sweden-based digital healthcare provider KRY, which enables access to app-based video GP consultations for patients, is already operating in North-West Surrey.

However, it is now extending services to Birmingham, Shropshire, Northamptonshire, and parts of the South-East, as well as extending its services in Surrey which began in October of last year.

Collectively, said the company, it would now be able to reach 1.85 million patients at more than 200 GP practices, as a result of collaboration with local federations including Our Health Partnership, Northampton General Practice Alliance, and the Alliance for Better Care, in addition to the existing agreement with the NICS GP Federation in North-West Surrey.

Unlike Babylon Health’s GP at Hand partnership with a general practice in West London that signed up thousands of patients from other practices, patients signing up to LIVI’s NHS service do not have to deregister from their existing practice.

Under the agreement, GPs can direct patients to the app for medical advice if they decide that is appropriate and it offers virtual video appointments in core hours or out-of-hours, as well as referrals and prescriptions.

Luke Buhl-Nielsen, UK country manager for LIVI said: “LIVI’s mission is to improve access to care for every patient, and we do so in a way that significantly relieves pressure on GP surgeries.

“Our first partnership in North-West Surrey highlighted within the first six months the positive impact that LIVI can have - decreasing attendance at A&E or urgent care centres, offering GPs greater workplace flexibility, while delivering excellent care for every patient.”

Dr Alex Meyer, board partner at Our Health Partnership Birmingham said: “We are committed to delivering exceptional care to patients. Our partnership with LIVI will bring video GP consultations to more than 40 existing GP practices across Birmingham and Shropshire, significantly increasing access to healthcare.”

Daniel Kane, chief executive officer at Northampton General Practice Alliance, said: “Digital healthcare can serve as a complementary tool to further reduce pressure on GP surgeries. It can help to bridge the gap for patients that may otherwise struggle to attend physical appointments at practices. The move into digital is making an unprecedented impact on the NHS, and we look forward to seeing the results in Northampton.”