Tool for GPs to help promote diabetes remission

Author: Adrian O'Dowd
Tool for GPs to help promote diabetes remission

GPs and nurses have been given access to a new tool from charity Diabetes UK to help them talk to patients with type 2 diabetes about the possibility of remission.

The new Remission Information Prescription resource builds on a suite of Information Prescriptions that Diabetes UK has produced to help healthcare professionals support patients with all types of diabetes in managing their condition and avoiding complications.

The latest tool is designed to enable clinicians to give their patients personalised information that they need to understand, engage with and improve on their health targets and this latest template is the first to focus specifically on type 2 diabetes remission.

Diabetes UK is asking healthcare professionals and people with diabetes to use this new template and feedback using an online survey to ensure the resource is as useful as possible in medical consultations.

Based on the most current evidence in type 2 remission, the tool will evolve as understanding of the condition develops.

Remission was discussed at this week’s Diabetes UK Professional Conference being held in Liverpool, specifically evidence announced from the DiRECT trial showing that, for some people with type 2 diabetes, remission may be possible for at least two years by following an intensive low-calorie weight management programme delivered in primary care.

Although the NHS does not currently provide remission services, NHS England plans to pilot a remission programme soon and NHS Scotland is rolling out remission programmes across the country.

The new Information Prescription is available for any healthcare professional delivering diabetes care, including GPs, nurses and diabetes specialists.

The charity said it hoped the new tool would enable healthcare professionals to dispel some myths and provide evidence-based information about what remission is, and how it might be possible for some people with type 2 diabetes.

Alison Barnes, a specialist dietitian who contributed to the development of the Information Prescription, said: “Positive conversations about diabetes remission, and the power of significant weight loss can be transformational.

“They often completely change how people with type 2 diabetes of any duration view their condition, and the steps they will take to do something about it.

“This new Information Prescription is an excellent tool for healthcare professionals working at the frontline of type 2 diabetes care to start having those conversations, and see for themselves what a difference it can make.”

Elizabeth Robertson, director of research at Diabetes UK, said: “As we learn more and more about the possibility of type 2 diabetes remission, it stands to reason people with type 2 diabetes will want to talk to their healthcare teams. This resource has been designed to help make these conversations as useful and effective as possible.”