Assessment of the many faces of PsA: single and composite measures in PsA clinical trials.

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PsA is a complex, heterogeneous disease that can place a large burden on patients' psychological and physical well-being. The multifaceted nature of PsA poses a significant assessment challenge, both in randomized control trials and in clinical practice. In recent years, there has been much progress in the development of unidimensional and composite measures of disease activity, as well as of questionnaires that capture the patient's perspective of the condition. Despite these advances, there remains uncertainty around which tools to implement within a research setting. This review aims to summarize the currently available clinical and patient-derived assessment tools, providing a practical and informative resource for the assessment of PsA. This review will also explore recent advancements in digital approaches to the assessment of rheumatological conditions. This will highlight the potential for digitalization in the assessment and monitoring of PsA, outlining innovative means of capturing disease activity and treatment response.

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