Prognostic Value of Teratoma in Primary Tumor and Postchemotherapy Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection Specimens in Patients With Metastatic Germ Cell Tumor.

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Presence of teratoma in patients with metastatic testicular germ cell tumor (GCT) is of unknown prognostic significance. We report survival outcomes of patients with or without teratoma in primary tumor and postchemotherapy retroperitoneal lymph node dissection (PC-RPLND) specimen and assess impact on prognosis.Patients with metastatic nonseminomatous GCT (NSGCT) who were evaluated at Indiana University between 1990 and 2016 and had primary testicular tumor specimen from orchiectomy (ORCH) were included. All patients were treated with cisplatin-based combination chemotherapy. The cohort was divided into 2 groups according to presence or absence of teratoma in ORCH specimen. Survival data were correlated with histopathologic findings. Differences in progression-free (PFS) and overall survival (OS) were evaluated using log-rank tests and Cox proportional hazards models to adjust for known adverse prognostic factors.We identified 1,224 consecutive patients evaluated at Indiana University between 1990 and 2016 who met inclusion criteria. Median age was 27 years (range, 13-71 years); 689 patients had teratoma in ORCH specimen, and 535 did not. With median follow-up of 2.3 years, 5-year PFS was 61.9% (95% CI, 57.1% to 66.2%) for those with teratoma versus 63.1% (95% CI, 58.0% to 67.8%) for those without (P = .66); 5-year OS was 82.2% (95% CI, 77.9% to 85.8%) versus 81.4% (95% CI, 76.5% to 85.3%; P = .91), respectively. A total of 473 patients underwent PC-RPLND; 5-year PFS for patients with pure teratoma in PC-RPLND specimen versus necrosis only was 65.9% versus 79.1% (P = .06), and 5-year OS was 90.3% versus 93.4% (P = .21), respectively.Presence of teratoma in ORCH and PC-RPLND specimens was not a prognostic factor in this large retrospective study of patients with NSGCT.

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