Real world outcomes of melanoma surveillance using the MoleMap NZ telemedicine platform.

MoleMap NZ is a novel New Zealand based store-and-forward telemedicine service to detect melanoma. It utilizes expert review of total body photography and close-up and dermoscopic images of skin lesions suspicious for malignancy.The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of MoleMap NZ as a melanoma early detection program.We conducted a review of 2,108 melanocytic lesions recommended for biopsy/excision by MoleMap NZ dermoscopists from January 2015-December 2016.Pathologic diagnoses were available for 1,571 lesions. Of these, 1,303 (83%) lesions were benign and 260 (17%) lesions were diagnosed as melanoma, for a melanoma-specific benign-to-malignant ratio of 5.0 to 1. The number-needed-to-biopsy one melanoma was 6. Among melanomas with available tumor thickness data (n=137), 92% were <0.8mm (range: in situ - 3.1mm), with in-situ melanomas comprising 74%.Only lesions recommended for excision were analyzed. Pathology results were available for 75% of these cases. Tumor thickness data was available for 53% of melanomas diagnosed.This real-world study of MoleMap NZ, a community-based teledermoscopy program, suggests that it has the potential to increase patients' access to specialist expertise via telemedicine. Additional studies are needed to more accurately define its efficacy.

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