34-year-old lady with worsening acne

How would you manage her acne in line with the latest NICE guideline?
34-year-old lady with worsening acne

OnMedica CPD quiz on acne management | Image showing acne on a person's cheek

A 34-year-old lady who comes to you complaining of spots. She has suffered from acne since she was a teenager and has used topical antibiotics intermittently. She stopped the combined oral contraceptive pill after her second child was born and she had a Mirena coil fitted. Her skin seems to be much worse since this.

On examination, she has some open and closed comedones as well as a number of inflamed papules on her face. 

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Acne management quiz – references

Pictures' credit: DermNet NZ, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 NZ.