COPD essentials

Review the latest NICE recommendations on COPD with this course worth 1.5 CME credits. It includes visual summaries and quick reference tables which can be used in practice. Test your knowledge by taking our three-part quiz which follows a case history and reviews all key aspects in COPD, from diagnosis to management and follow-up.

4 Modules


Key points about the definition of COPD, its prevalence and impact in the UK.

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Diagnosis and assessment

This module outlines the criteria for COPD diagnosis, differential diagnoses, spirometry best practice and how to assess disease severity.

Follow up: referrals and exacerbations management

This module provides several reference resources including a model plan of what to include in COPD reviews and indications for referral to specialist services. It also covers key NICE recommendations for the management of exacerbations in primary care and includes a visual summary for antibiotic prescribing.

What you'll learn

  • The epidemiology and impact of COPD in the UK.
  • The diagnosis criteria in COPD and investigations.
  • What spirometry best practice looks like.
  • Which differential diagnoses to consider.
  • How to differentiate COPD and asthma.
  • How to assess COPD severity.
  • Factors to help assessing prognosis.
  • How to support smoking cessation.
  • Factors to consider when choosing an inhaled therapy.
  • The role of oxygen and oral therapies.
  • NICE’s recommendations for COPD during COVID-19.
  • Follow up reviews frequency and content.
  • When to refer patients to specialist services.
  • The management of exacerbations in primary care.
  • Factors to consider for home versus hospital management for COPD exacerbations.
  • NICE's antibiotic prescribing recommendations.
  • Indications for prophylactic therapy.

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