Cancer-associated venous thrombosis – cases that may be seen in primary care

This course, worth 1.5 CME credits, covers the thromboprophylaxis and latest treatment recommendations for cancer-associated thrombosis via clinical scenarios that are likely to be encountered in primary care. It is authored by Consultant Medical Oncologist Dr Omar Khan.

4 Modules

What you'll learn

  • The extent of the disease burden of VTE in cancer patients.
  • Aetiology and clinical risk factors.
  • Patient groups in which VTE thromboprophylaxis is indicated.
  • Thromboprophylaxis in patients on long-term tamoxifen.
  • Key evidence-based considerations when prescribing DOACs and LMWH.
  • Optimum duration for treatment of cancer-associated VTE.
  • How to manage incidental or clinically unsuspected VTE.
  • How to manage recurrent VTE despite anticoagulation.

The Instructors


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