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Resilience training

This course, worth 1 CME credit, provides practical strategies designed to strengthen your ability to cope with adversities. You can use them yourself or pass them on to patients and colleagues. It introduces resilience training as an evidence-based approach to reducing the risk of depression, anxiety and stress-related harm. This course is authored by Chris Johnstone, resilience specialist and former general practitioner, Online Resilience Trainer at and

ADHD management: a multidisciplinary approach

This course, worth 2 CME credits, includes a series of visual resources to download, to quickly find out about referral indications, management options, drug choice and areas to monitor. Don’t miss out on those OnMedica exclusive!

How to identify and manage depression

In this course, worth 1 CME credit, and illustrated by case-based quizzes, you will review how to diagnose and assess the severity of depression, including suicide risk, and the different approaches to manage the condition.

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SSRI/SNRI antidepressant medicines: small increased risk of postpartum haemorrhage when used in the month before delivery

Prescribers should consider this risk in the context of an individual patient’s bleeding and thrombotic risk assessment during the peripartum period and the benefits of antidepressants for the patient’s mental health during this time.
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Jan 07, 2021