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Felicity Cottle discusses the impact of sepsis and what trusts can do to continue improving early recognition and treatment
Dr Howard Freeman considers the main takeaways from the quality regulator’s latest assessment of independent sector hospitals
AI is now essential for automation in radiology and pathology, but it provides a means to support the human, not replace, writes Chris Scarisbrick, Sectra UK & Ireland
Inquests can be a difficult and stressful experience for all concerned, requiring careful preparation and a considered approach throughout. Andrew Andrews sets out some useful guidance for care providers
Sarah Want gives advice for getting it right for your healthcare practice as we are seeing an increase in the number of experienced GPs retiring early leading to an increase in recruiting less experienced salaried GPs
Many hospital admissions in England for acquired brain injury caused by trauma involve people aged over 75. Raising awareness within primary care of these issues may help to tackle the problem by encouraging a more preventative focus in frailty strategies for our ageing population, says Sue Thomas, CEO of Commissioning Excellence.
There was a look of incredulity from a patient representative: “How can you possibly develop a neurology strategy without data?” This would seem self-evident to most people, but the simple fact is, there has been relatively little use of data to help support service redesign strategy in neurology.
A report jointly written by Commissioning Excellence and the Multiple Sclerosis Trust to highlight how better, more cost-effective services can be delivered for people with MS
This report by Wilmington Healthcare explores the impact headache and migraine have on admissions and reflects on how improved commissioning of services can help to reduce admissions through better management of patients
This article explores how practices can ensure their defences are up to the challenge of any future cyber-attacks
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