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Frequently Asked Questions

This page includes answers to some of the most common questions that we get asked about e-Detailing, e-Marketing and OnMedica.

General and member services

Who is for?

The website is designed for healthcare professionals. This includes general practitioners, locums, secondary care doctors, registrars, nurses and practice managers.

Why do I have to prove I am a healthcare professional? contains information about drugs and treatments that is aimed at healthcare professionals, including promotional presentations about drugs (in the Medicines Interactive section), which it is illegal to show to consumers under UK legislation regarding direct to consumer advertising of medicinal products.

It is therefore necessary that we validate the employment status of all registrants by collecting your GMC or NMC number or other proof of employment in a medical practice or hospital environment.

How does generate revenues?

OnMedica Group receives revenues through advertising and sponsorship from companies.

If I agree to receive emails from OnMedica what will I get?

Emails are always relevant to your professional interests as a doctor, and the email addresses of members are not sold or made available to any third parties for promotional purposes.

Where do the news stories come from?

The news articles are unique to and are compiled by freelance reporters using a variety of sources.

What has happened to Onmedica Gold and iPoints?

Onmedica Gold and iPoints were incentive and loyalty retention schemes operated by the previous owners (Onmedica Group Limited) of before the company ceased trading and the website and other assets were sold to Beechwood House Publishing Limited (now Wilmington Healthcare Ltd). Both these schemes have now been closed and we are currently looking at new ways of improving the site and improving the service to its loyal community. For additional information about Beechwood House Publishing Limited, please visit

Who owns is a brand owned by Wilmington Healthcare Ltd. Wilmington Healthcare Ltd is part of Wilmington Group Plc.


Can you tell me if I have already registered with

If you have forgotten your username or password, go to the Login page and click on the 'Remind me' button.

Why do I have to activate my registration?

Activation is a validation of your email address. You will not be able to login to the site until you click on the link in the email you receive just after registration. If you have lost this, please contact for assistance.

Why has my registration been rejected?

Your registration might be rejected for several reasons including the following: your GMC number is already in use (because you have previously registered with or your GMC number is not known to OnMedica (possibly because you have recently qualified or changed your name), or just because you typed in an invalid number. Check your details, but if the difficulty persists, contact

What use will OnMedica make of my personal details?

As detailed in our legal and privacy statement (see site terms and conditions) OnMedica will not reveal your personal details to any third parties except for information about your use of Medicines Interactive presentations, and data on courses that you have taken. Sponsors of presentations will be told who has viewed the presentations. Your email will not be revealed to third parties in any case.


Who writes these pages for

The pages are compiled by OnMedica editorial staff, using specially commissioned articles and educational materials written for OnMedica by staff, external medical authors, and/or independent editorial board members and medical consultants.

What is the difference between a course and a case history?

OnMedica courses are educational activities typically taking some hours to complete. Case histories use the same learning approach but are shorter exercises. Both provide OnMedica continuing medical education (CME) credit. Most courses also contain case histories within them, but these are different cases from the separate case histories.

Can I stop and start a course or case whenever I want without losing the results?

Yes. Once answers have been submitted, you may go to any other part of the site, or logout and come back another time to finish the case history or course, starting from the point you left it. You can also look at earlier pages of the course or case, while doing it, when you return, or after you have passed. However, if you fail, answers are only visible for two weeks for revision, and then you can take the course again when the status returns to available.

Who writes these courses and cases?

The cases and courses are written by members of OnMedica's independent editorial board medical consultants, by our medical editor who is a qualified and practising GP, or by other medical experts and medical writers. All courses and cases are peer-reviewed before publication by a medically qualified reviewer.

What is the PDP Tracker?

The OnMedica PDP Tracker allows you to record, annotate and classify your usage of this website to use as part of your personal development plan (PDP). You can also export the log for further editing as an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document. Its use is optional.

How do I track pages for my PDP?

You can use the OnMedica PDP Tracker tool. Just click on the Add to my PDP button at the top of the webpage whenever you want to track a page. Once a page is tracked you can view your personal log and add annotations to record how long you spent on an activity and whether it was a DEN or PUN, and provide a description.

What are Business Tutorials?

Business Tutorials are short courses designed to help GPs with the many aspects of their activities that require them to act as entrepreneurs to develop their practice as a business.

Medicines Interactive

Can I stop and start a presentation at any time?

Yes. You will be automatically re-started where you left off when you next return. You can also go back to earlier pages during the presentation and usually you are also able to review the entire presentation after you have completed it (some sponsors may not permit this).

Who selects the drugs presented in this section?

The Medicines Interactive presentations are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and usually concentrate on drugs that are newly approved, approved for new indications, or for which there are new guidelines or published evidence affecting when they should be used.

Why are these presentations only available for a limited time?

The sponsors of these presentations determine the length of time for which they are available.

Will I always get an invitation to take these presentations?

Invitations are always sent by email and you must have agreed to receive OnMedica email communications to receive an invitation. In addition, sponsors sometimes specify an invitation list to ensure the presentation is directed to individuals with an interest in the clinical area concerned. However, you can usually still see the presentations directly from the site in the Medicines Interactive section. Some presentations may have restricted access, however, and are only available to doctors, or in certain circumstances, nurses.

Is the nature of a Medicines Interactive presentation always promotional?

No. It is the intent of and our sponsors to offer purely educational presentations as well. Indeed, the great majority will always contain useful educational content. The educational emphasis of the presentations will normally be noted in the subject line of the email invitation.

Why does OnMedica include some promotional content in its website?

OnMedica is able to provide its services to health professionals by obtaining revenues from sponsored presentations to doctors, through the Medicines Interactive section of the site. This enables OnMedica to maintain total editorial independence and supply the service at no cost to its members.

Am I obliged to view the sponsored Medicines Interactive material?

No, but it would be helpful to OnMedica if you do because our remuneration from pharmaceutical companies is dependent upon the number of doctors who complete the presentations. Our ability to add new independent editorial materials for your benefit therefore depends upon the revenues generated by your completion of the sponsored Medicines Interactive presentations.

Will my access to materials be restricted if I do not take the presentations?

No. Some internet sites offering similar presentations and also dependent on revenues from pharmaceutical companies prevent you from accessing the full menu of items on their sites until you have accessed the presentations periodically made available, but OnMedica does not do this. However, to continue this policy, OnMedica does need you to view these presentations on a regular basis.

How will I know that there is a new Medicines Interactive presentation I can view?

We notify by email all our members who have agreed to receive email notices from and who are eligible to see a presentation. If you do not want to receive such emails, OnMedica would appreciate it if you periodically visit the Medicines Interactive page to see if there are any presentations available to you.

Will I be rewarded for completing these presentations?

OnMedica is able to provide items of use in your practice in accordance with the ABPI Code of Practice as a reward for viewing a Medicines Interactive presentation.

With some material sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, how will I tell which is editorial and which is sponsored?

All sponsored material will be clearly identified. Such material is found only in the Medicines Interactive section, although some sponsored presentations may link to related, but editorially independent material, such as educational courses.

How do you ensure that pharmaceutical company sponsors do not influence the editorial content of the site?

Editorial content is produced separately by our own editorial team or by commissioned writers. We also have an independent editorial board that provides advice on editorial matters and peer reviewing.


Is the copy on every page of searchable?

No. Explanatory copy about how to use the site is not currently searched and neither is the text of courses and case histories (because this text is only accessible sequentially as part of the learning module). However all news items, views and clinical articles are searchable.


Can I enlarge or decrease the font size on the pages?

Yes. This site uses relative font sizes. Go to your browser and, if using Internet Explorer 5.0 or above, go the View heading and select Text Size and choose a larger setting.

Do I need cookies enabled to use this site?

Yes. If you disable cookies you will find that you cannot login, even though you are registered and activated.

OnMedica will use only 'first-party' cookies, which are not transmitted to any third party, to facilitate your use of the Website. Cookies are used to keep track of your participation in the OnMedica Points reward scheme, and to remember your username for login (both optional). Cookies are also used to maintain the 'state' of your site use session and allow us to record your activities (such as progress through an educational course) and to keep track of your preferences. These session cookies are not stored on your computer after the browser session is completed.

What browser is best for

This website is optimised for use with Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0 and should function satisfactorily with IE 5.5 and above. The latest versions of Explorer can be downloaded free from Microsoft.

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