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Frequently Asked Questions

General and member services

Who is onmedica.com for?

The onmedica.com website is designed for healthcare professionals. This includes general practitioners, locums, secondary care doctors, registrars, nurses, practice managers and pharmacists.

Why do I have to prove I am a healthcare professional?

onmedica.com contains information about drugs and treatments that is aimed at healthcare professionals, including promotional presentations about drugs, which it is illegal to show to consumers under UK legislation regarding direct to consumer advertising of medicinal products.

It is therefore necessary that we validate the employment status of all registrants by collecting your GMC, NMC or GPhC number or other proof of employment in a medical practice or hospital environment.

How does onmedica.com generate revenues?

OnMedica (part of Wilmington Healthcare Ltd) receives revenues through advertising and sponsorship from companies.

Where do the news stories come from?

The news articles are unique to onmedica.com and are compiled by freelance reporters using a variety of sources.

Who owns onmedica.com?

OnMedica.com is a brand owned by Wilmington Healthcare Ltd. Wilmington Healthcare Ltd is part of Wilmington Group Plc.


Can you tell me if I have already registered with onmedica.com?

If you have forgotten your username or password, go to the Login page and click on the 'Remind me' button.

Why do I have to activate my registration?

Activation is a validation of your email address. You will not be able to login to the site until you click on the link in the email you receive just after registration. If you have lost this, please contact customers.services@onmedica.com for assistance.

Why has my registration been rejected?

Your registration might be rejected for several reasons including the following: your GMC/NMC/GPhC number is already in use (because you have previously registered with onmedica.com) or your GMC number is not known to OnMedica (possibly because you have recently qualified or changed your name), or just because you typed in an invalid number. Check your details, but if the difficulty persists, contact customers.services@onmedica.com.

What use will OnMedica make of my personal details?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions: 1.3 Use of Personal Data, for more information.


Who writes these pages for onmedica.com?

The pages are compiled by OnMedica editorial staff, using specially commissioned articles and educational materials written for OnMedica by staff, external medical authors, and/or medical consultants.

Can I stop and start a course whenever I want without losing the results?

Yes. Once answers have been submitted, you may go to any other part of the site, or logout and come back another time to finish the course, starting from the point you left it. You can also look at earlier pages of the course, while doing it, when you return, or after you have passed. However, if you fail, answers are only visible for a limited period of time for revision, and you can then take the course again when the status returns to available.

Who writes these courses and clinical articles?

Courses and clinical articles are jointly written and developed by medical writers and experts as well as our medical editor who is a qualified and practising GP, and OnMedica staff.

Sponsored content or content of a promotional nature is clearly labelled as such. It is OnMedica’s editorial policy to ensure all educational content remains unbiased and as such, all courses and clinical articles are peer-reviewed before publication by a medically qualified reviewer, and authors/reviewers have to declare any competing interests.

What is the PDP Tracker?

The OnMedica PDP Tracker allows you to record, annotate and classify your usage of this website to use as part of your personal development plan (PDP). You can also export the log for further editing as an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document. Its use is optional.

How do I track pages for my PDP?

You can use the OnMedica PDP Tracker tool. Just click on the ‘Add to my PDP’ button at the top of the webpage whenever you want to track a page. Once a page is tracked you can view your personal log and add annotations to record how long you spent on an activity and provide a description.


Can I enlarge or decrease the font size on the onmedica.com pages?

You can zoom into the page. Most browsers will allow you to do this by pressing Ctrl + mouse wheel up to zoom in/mouse wheel down to zoom out. Alternatively, you can select your preferred viewing size in your browser’s settings.

Do I need cookies enabled to use this site?

Yes. For further information on our cookie policy, please refer to our Privacy Notice.

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