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Latest news - Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Doctors demand investment in public mental health

Government policy must factor in cradle to grave support for people’s mental health, says BMA

Women treated for cancer have higher CHF risk in pregnancy

Anthracycline-exposed women should receive close cardiac surveillance during pregnancy

‘Eyeballing’ most reliable assessment in emergency triage

Basic clinical assessment more effective in predicting mortality than formal structured algorithm

Smacking prohibition linked to lower rate of youth violence

Countries with full ban on corporal punishment have far lower rates of violence in young males and females

England falling behind on child health

Infant mortality on the rise, says report


Disrupting traditional general practice

A look at how e-consulting will shape primary care

A stab in the dark

Chris Preece takes a look at vaccination and transparency in research

On The Pulse - September 2018

Statins: no reduction in CVD or mortality in those older than 74

Where Prince William leads, maybe we can follow…

It’s time to put workplace wellbeing first


Join the OnMedica Media Panel

OnMedica has launched a media panel that will enable its members to air their views to the media on topical healthcare issues in the UK

The NHS long-term plan: suggestions for framing the way ahead

Health Foundation chief executive Jennifer Dixon offers up her suggestions for the NHS long-term plan

Building an inclusive digital health and care service

Digital health expert Roz Davies discusses the development of national digital inclusion programme fit for the 21st century

Urging GPs towards prevention and self-care

Joanna Bayley, a GP representing primary care providers on Gloucestershire’s ICS Delivery Board, discusses the county’s innovative social prescribing initiative

Body dysmorphic disorder

A review of the presentation, management and prognosis of a condition which, unlike anorexia, affects males and females equally


Atrial fibrillation

This case history covers the presentation and management of a patient with atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation

A 67-year-old farmer is found to be in asymptomatic atrial fibrillation at his routine annual hypertension check

Drugs and Therapeutics Update - 12th October

NICE recommends burosumab for X‑linked hypophosphataemia in final guidance; SMC accepts Yervoy® for advanced melanoma in adolescents; EMA recommends restrictions on fluoroquinolone and quinolone antibiotics

Autism in children and young people

A mother brings her three-year-old son, worried about his behaviour. She reports that he does not interact like the other children in his nursery

Safeguarding children

This course looks at how to recognise and act on child protection cases within a healthcare environment, with reference to the latest 'Working Together to Safeguard Children' guidance

A child with unusual behaviour

This case history will cover the presentation of a family concerned that their child may have autism or Asperger’s syndrome

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