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OnMedica is an independent, easy to access on-the-go website for doctors. It provides GPs and specialists with easy to digest and up-to-date, relevant educational content whilst enabling the freedom to share and collaborate in a safe-space to further personal development.

Why join OnMedica?

OnMedica provides UK-based GPs and specialty doctors with a highly valued independent environment, that's packed with clinical reference material and expertise, education, news, views and comments. OnMedica is the only platform of its kind that affords members the freedom to collaborate around topical educational content, start conversations and share ideas.


A wealth of clinical content, articles and reviews to further personal development and keep up-to-date with the latest clinical practices and evidence-based guidance


A safe-space environment that facilitates collaboration with other GPs and specialty doctors, allowing independent dialogue with the creation of specialist 'rooms' to enable discussion on prioritised topics


Supported by a panel of clinical experts from both general practice and secondary care, to ensure content, discussion, education and guidance delivers maximum value to our members


The website and content is independent and governed by a strict editorial policy, guaranteeing our members factual, up-to-date and evidence-based information

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What members say about OnMedica's educational content

"Very useful, I have filled many gaps and gained practical knowledge."

"I feel now more confident in diagnosing the presented conditions. Really it is one of the best learning activities I have completed recently."

I've gained an "increased understanding of new NICE guidelines."

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is for?

OnMedica is for GPs and Specialist Doctors practising in the UK.

How does generate revenues?

OnMedica if free for its members and receives revenues through advertising and sponsorship from companies.

Who owns is a brand owned by Wilmington Healthcare Ltd. Wilmington Healthcare Ltd is part of Wilmington Group Plc.

I have received an activation email, but why can I not access the content on the site?

Activation is a validation of your email address. You will not be able to login to the site and access the content until you have been verified as a GP or Specialist Doctor practising in the UK. We will confirm this to you with a welcome email.

Why do I have to provide my GMC number when registering?

OnMedica is a safe-space environment that facilitates collaboration with other GPs and Specialty Doctors, therefore we need to ensure that OnMedica members meet our eligibility criteria. We verify new registrations against the Wilmington Healthcare database of healthcare professionals and from time to time we may need to ask for further information to verify our members are still meeting the eligibility criteria (e.g. place of work).

Why do I have to activate my registration?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Who can I speak to if I have a problem?