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Paper round: Monday

Change fund threatens jobs, Britain's burgeoning breasts, and more

OnMedica Staff

Monday, 17 May 2010

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'Change' fund increases job fears.

Whistle-blower's sacking to be investigated.
The Independent

Leading surgeon carries out foreign private liver transplant.
Daily Telegraph

Allergy inducing caterpillars.
Daily Mail

New York midwives lose at-home birthing privileges.
The Guardian

Cancer mobile phone link 'inconclusive'.

iPads bad for your sleep.
Daily Telegraph

Watchdog warning to expecting mothers on antidepressants.
Daily Mail

A day in the life of a cosmetic surgeon.
The Independent

A look into the growing nature of British breasts.
The Guardian

Following Scotland’s move, would you welcome the removal of the QOF system in the rest of the UK? (See OnMedica News 02/10)

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