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Paper round: Friday

Stem cell therapy for eyes, epilepsy as an art form, and more

OnMedica Staff

Friday, 20 November 2009

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Stem cell therapy developed for eye disease.
The Times

Swine flu girl dies after multiple diagnosis of tonsillitis.
Daily Mail

New skin for burn victims from umbilical stem cells.

Social worker struck off over heroine and abuse of own child.
Daily Telegraph

Massive seizure of fake pills in Leicester.
The Times

Test developed to identify likelihood of broken hips.
Daily Telegraph

Study reveals breast cancer enzyme discovery.

iPhone app rates food nutritional value.
The Independent

New blood pressure drug offers hope to Down's syndrome sufferers.
Daily Mail

Arts council gives funding for live performance of epileptic fit.
The Independent

Are you comfortable with patients ‘self-diagnosing’ from the internet? (See OnMedica News 24/03)

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