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NICE recommends new cervical cancer diagnostic test

Guidance says DySIS is cost effective for women referred for colposcopy

Caroline White

Friday, 03 August 2012

The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence has backed the use of new cervical cancer test for women referred for colposcopy.

DySIS (DySIS Medical), is a cost-effective option for examining the cervix in women referred for colposcopy. The guidance makes clear that there is not enough evidence to recommend the Niris Imaging System for the same indication.

In 2008 there were just under 2500 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed, accounting for around 2% of all cancers among women, making it the 12th most common cancer overall in women in the UK.

But it remains the most common cancer diagnosed among the under 35s in the UK, with about 700 cases diagnosed every year, the figures show.

Colposcopy is a key part of diagnosis, but because it relies on visual interpretation, it is prone to considerable inter- and intra-operator variation, particularly for low grade abnormalities, says NICE.

DySIS is an integrated digital image analysing (optical) system combined with a colposcope that evaluates the rate, extent, and duration of changes to the cells of the cervix. The dynamic map produced can be overlaid on a colour image of the tissue to help the clinician determine the presence and grade of any lesion.

Professor Carole Longson, NICE Health Technology Evaluation Centre Director, said: “A technology that can improve diagnostic accuracy for cervical cancer clearly has the potential to impact on subsequent treatment decisions and improve patient outcomes.

The independent Diagnostics Advisory Committee concluded that the evidence presented showed that DySIS is robustly cost effective—possibly even cost saving— when compared with conventional colposcopy. The Committee was unable to support the use of Niris at this time because of insufficient evidence.”

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