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Free training modules to improve diabetes care

NHS Diabetes unveils two e-learning modules to help reduce the number of patients suffering hypoglycaemic attacks

Ingrid Torjesen

Monday, 22 October 2012

NHS Diabetes has launched two free e-learning modules to help reduce the number of patients suffering hypoglycaemic attacks.

The Safe Management of Hypoglycaemia (SMH) and Safe Use of Non-Insulin Therapies (SUNIT) are aimed at healthcare professionals, but can also be used by people with diabetes and their families.

The training focuses on the key elements of managing hypos: signs and symptoms, treatment, prevention, and driving.

The SUNIT module is designed to improve patient safety by reducing medication errors and/or poorly controlled blood sugar levels while utilising non-insulin therapies. It reminds health professionals of the importance of always tailoring glycaemic targets to the individual, to check specific manufacturers’ guidance when using therapies in people with diabetes and chronic kidney disease, to consider the risk of hypoglycaemia when elderly are taking specific medicines, to check NICE guidance CG87 when considering which medication to prescribe.

Anna Morton, Director of NHS Diabetes said: “We are calling on all individuals who care for people with diabetes to improve their skills and complete these modules.

“People with diabetes should receive the same, safe level of care in hospital, at their GP surgery and in care homes. These modules offer support and training to achieve that goal.”

Helen Wilkinson, NHS Diabetes Programme Lead for Safety, said: “These two new modules have been produced in addition to the Safe Use of Insulin (SUI) and Intravenous Insulin Infusion (III) modules. These modules have proved popular with healthcare professionals with 90,344 and 13,950 registrations respectively.”

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