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Latest news - Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Single dose radiotherapy for early breast cancer set to become standard

Intrabeam radiotherapy to be given at time of surgery for tumour removal

Underinvestment and GP shortages bumping up week-long waits to over 50m

RCGP analysis based on previous trends and responses to GP Patient Survey

Rise in GMC sanctions for prescribing meds to loved ones prompts warning

Some doctors even sending medication abroad, says MDDUS

UK hep C hospital admissions, transplants, and deaths have all risen

Figures renew calls for concerted action to stave off personal toll and NHS costs

New EU data protection regulations could stymie cancer research

Proposals incompatible with cancer registries and could generate mountain of red tape, say cancer doctors


On The Pulse - 25th July 2014

No benefits from raising HDL levels

Would it be easier to just give everyone statins?

Updated NICE guidelines on lipid modification

Career planning in the NHS

Another fine mess?

On The Pulse - 18th July 2014

Mental health in diabetes

No more ‘Dr Nice-Guy’

This year’s ‘Health Hero’ award winner can’t wait to get back to making trouble

On The Pulse - 11th July 2014

Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and cryptogenic stroke

Cancer research

Benefiting patients and the economy

Internet addiction

Report shows childhood internet addiction is on the increase

The fear of making a mistake

The worst thing about being a doctor


Making Every Contact Count: taking a system wide approach

Sophie Taysom, policy lead for MECC at the Department of Health, explains how interactions with patients and the public can be viewed as an opportunity to promote health and well-being

Health promoting practitioner

Allied health professionals need to realise they don’t have to have public health in their title to be a health promoting practitioner

General practice: what turns success into impending failure

Paul Cook reflects on 25 years as a partner in the same GP practice

Decisions involving life-sustaining treatment

Stephen Evans explains what last month’s Court of Appeal's judgment on DNACPR means for trusts and clinicians, including GPs

Beyond big data

Bringing people together to improve cancer outcomes

The impending doom

How can the GP profession deal with the workforce crisis and how can it plan for delivering more with less?

From the hospital to the home: delivering a connected healthcare model

Mark Bridger explores how putting information at the heart of the NHS will help it achieve its vision of delivering care in the community

Work is what you do, not where you do it

It’s been a little over a year since Public Health England was created. Michael Brodie and Dr Jenny Harries discuss the plans for using technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation and what this will mean in practice

Cardiac chest pain

This case history on angina covers the pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of coronary chest pain, including a review of syndrome X


Polymyalgia rheumatica

A case looking at the diagnosis and management of polymyalgia, an inflammatory musculoskeletal condition which can severely affect...

Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE advises GPs on identifying kidney disease and finalises 10% CVD risk threshold for statin treatment; MHRA explains...

Overview of risk assessment and statin therapy

A clinical review looking at QRISK analysis and treatment/monitoring of high risk patients incorporating the July 2014 NICE...

Ankle injuries

A summary of the principles of investigation and management of this very common injury to the lower limb...

Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE issues final recommendation on nursing levels and draft guidance on treating obesity proposes greater use of bariatric...

Consultation models

A review article summarising the different consultation models that can greatly affect the patient experience of visiting a...

Duchenne muscular dystrophy and Miyoshi myopathy

A clinical review of DMD, the second most commonly occurring genetically inherited disease in humans

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Integrated personal commissioning; consultation on mental health legislation; local public health profiles published

The 6-8 week baby check and screening tests

An outline of the required elements of a routine baby check with the conditions to be alert to....


A clinical review article on the symptoms and management of this cause of pelvic pain

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