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NAPC demands full £2 per head for consortia

NAPC says Government must insist PCTs provide full £2 allocation

Louise Prime

Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Department of Health must ensure that PCTs pay the full £2 per head to support GP Commissioning Consortia, insists the National Association of Primary Care.

The Operating Framework for 2011-12 stated that £2 per head is the minimum level needed to support the development of an emerging consortium. But the NAPC reports that some PCTs have not yet allocated the resource at all. And it claims that many others around the country have reduced the amount paid to GPCCs, by recalculating the amount on a weighted capitation basis rather than using a straightforward population figure.

The NAPC is adamant that GPs and patients must remain central to commissioning, and said: “The development of GPCCs as successful commissioning organisations is a critical success factor in the delivery of high quality patient care. Any reluctance to invest in their development, at least at the minimum level specified, will inevitably impact on their capability in going forward and potentially set them up to fail.

The Association berates PCTs looking for excuses for their delaying tactics: “It is clear from Sir David Nicholson’s communications to the NHS that the current pause was not intended to delay GPCC development and NAPC calls on all PCTs to make the appropriate level of resource available with immediate effect.”

The NAPC has asked Consortia to notify it when they are not receiving the full £2 per head, and it will then take action itself. It says: “NAPC will be pressing the Department of Health to ensure that PCTs comply fully with the 2011/12 Operating Framework and will be bringing to the attention of senior officials and ministers any cases where compliance is compromised.”

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