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Warning for NHS; possible cure for vision loss; and dengue vaccine promising

Thursday, 26 July 2012


The Times, in its leader page (p2) looks at the National Health Service, warning that unless the NHS shifts its focus from remedy to prevention, it will "eat up more and more money."

"This always brings with it a double-cost problem, at least until prevention starts to pay off," the paper says.

While welcoming the government's move to vaccinate all children with the seasonal flu vaccine, it notes that the NHS is still more generally set up as an illness regime rather than a health system.

The paper warns there is a "financial crisis looming in healthcare that even the trend rate of growth will do nothing to avert."


The WSJ (p29) gives nearly three quarters of a page on how scientists believe they are "on the cusp of developing a possible cure for some types of blindness," with several potential fixes which includes gene therapy, stem cell therapy and a modified vitamin A currently being tested on those with a rare eye disorder, Stargardt disease.

The paper looks at the various developments in the trials and takes a closer look at the efforts of Alkeus Pharmaceuticals, Advanced Cell Technology, both from the U.S. and Oxford BioMedica from the UK.


The Wall Street Journal says Sanofi's experimental vaccine against dengue fever has raised prospects for "the first-ever inoculation against the mosquito-borne disease" after decades of research (p19).

The paper quotes a Sanofi spokesman Pascal Barollier as saying that if the vaccine does make it to market, Sanofi will be able to produce about 100 million doses a year at a factory in France - enough for about 33 million children.

Barollier said Sanofi would consider increasing production "if there's a need", adding that the vaccine would be "priced responsibly" but declined to discuss specific pricing.

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