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Latest news - Friday, 28 April 2017

MPs say NHS must be at the heart of Brexit talks

Commons Health Committee calls for guarantees to ensure continuity for staff and patients

Cancer Drugs Fund ‘wasteful and harmful’

Damning analysis found only one in five treatments was beneficial

Too many terminally ill patients still dying in hospital

Charity urges people to be more open in talking about death and dying

GPs fear sexual health will become ‘Cinderella service of NHS’

Bureaucratic, financial and training barriers are in danger of reversing major improvements

Hopes for early warning glaucoma detector

New test could reveal signs of change a decade before damage is done


On The Pulse - April 2017

Levothyroxine’s benefits in subclinical hypothyroidism in doubt

The happiness equation

A look at what can be done to increase levels of contentment in primary care

Gastric band surgery

Should we be offering it more to our obese patients?

Brexit: what’s next for UK science and patients?

Prof Peter Johnson looks at what the negotiations could mean for cancer

On The Pulse - March 2017

Intensive therapy can induce type 2 diabetes remission

Gluten-free gruel

Oliver Twist will once again find himself rejected when asking for more

Can super-hub practices work?

An analysis of the vision of an ‘at-scale’ GP collaborative


Join the OnMedica Media Panel

OnMedica has launched a media panel that will enable its members to air their views to the media on topical healthcare issues in the UK

Integrated health and social care workforces is the future

Jon Parry, principal research manager at Skills for Health and Justice, reveals the findings of new research into the future of care provision in the UK

Developing and using a tool to improve outcomes in colorectal cancer

With rising demand for health services putting pressure on resources, it is more important than ever to make sure services are cost-effective and efficient

The end of the purchaser/provider split?

With news of a potential shift to accountable care organisations, David Hare considers whether the move spells the end for the purchaser/provider divide

Brexit business has become real – the NHS must keep watch

With Article 50 now triggered and Brexit negotiations to begin in fervour, Elisabetta Zanon considers what lies ahead for the NHS and social care over the next two years and beyond

Tackling hepatitis C

Helen Harris outlines the firm foundation for working towards eliminating hepatitis C as a major public health threat in England

A clinical review of multiple sclerosis

An outline of the presentation, investigation and treatment options of this serious neurological condition


Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE approves new drugs for psoriasis, MS and liver disease; EMA urges parents to combat vaccine fears to protect children

End-organ damage in hypertension

This article looks at the damage that raised blood pressure can cause in different systems of the body

Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE publishes draft standard on caring for terminally ill children and outlines how to recognise faltering growth in infants and children

Rheumatoid arthritis

A comprehensive review of the presentation, diagnosis and management of RA

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Breast cancer drug Kadcyla available for patients in Scotland; new emergency stroke treatment to be commissioned; NICE guidance on alcohol-use disorders updated

Managing minor illness in primary care – rhinitis

An article on managing seasonal and perennial rhinitis in primary care

Drug and Therapeutics Updates

NICE recommends wider access to condoms for those at risk of STIs; EMA approves treatment for HIV; EpiPen recall after reports of defective parts

Combined oral contraception, migraine and stroke

A review of some of cautions and contraindications for the use of COC

Medical Expo

How would qualify the communication between primary and secondary care services? (See OnMedica News 20/04)

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