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Latest news - Monday, 16 January 2017

Government questions GPs’ work commitment

Doctors angry at Prime Minister intervention on patient access

Patients’ champion accuses ombudsman of poor service

Complains against NHS handled unfairly and with bias, claim

CCGs wasting time with referral schemes

10-fold rise in CCGs’ use of referral centres

GMC issues warning over impact of winter pressures

Regulator seeks doctors’ warnings over patient safety

Revalidation works well but can be a burden, says review

National review calls for less duplication burden for GPs


“Sugar-free” drinks – are they really healthy?

Louise Newson discusses a recent study on the subject

On The Pulse - December 2016

‘Drink plenty of fluids’ not always good advice

Moderating demand

Can primary care really absorb excess capacity from hospitals?

Now that’s what I call Christmas

Despite the reasons to go 'bah humbug', patients' gratitude can make things better

The Great British vape off

Cancer Research UK looks at the US Surgeon General's conclusions on e-cigarettes

Menopause and work

Louise Newson discusses new guidelines

Small Translucent Penguins

Chris Preece attempts to decipher what STPs are


Join the OnMedica Media Panel

OnMedica has launched a media panel that will enable its members to air their views to the media on topical healthcare issues in the UK

What lies ahead for healthcare in Wales in 2017 and beyond?

With a narrow window in which to move the Welsh NHS onto a pathway to sustainability, Michael Trickey considers what needs to happen in the years ahead

Who knows best when it comes to emergency hospital admissions?

Healthcare services are missing a major trick when it comes to emergency hospital admissions, writes Jon Glasby, professor at the University of Birmingham

Q&A on GP premises

The GP surveyors team answers some common questions about GP premises, including notional rent in the context of the new MCP contracts and lease requirements when retiring

What lies ahead for local clinical commissioning?

If we lose the clinical voice from healthcare commissioning in the years ahead, the NHS will be poorer for it, writes the head of policy at NHS Clinical Commissioners

The role of e-cigarettes to help smokers quit

Jim McManus and Kevin Fenton discuss how Hertfordshire is harnessing the health benefits of its e-cigarettes policy


This article summarises the different types of inhalers used for the treatment of asthma and COPD


Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE approves kidney cancer drug for NHS, pembrolizumab recommended with conditions for treating lung cancer, quality standard issued on improving oral health in care homes

A clinical review of testicular tumours

A precis of the two main types of testicular tumours, seminomas and non-seminomas, that develop from the germ cells that make sperm

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Offer LTRA before combination inhalers; trastuzumab ‘too costly’; US approves tissue expander for mastectomy patients

Emergency contraception

A clinical article on the use and pitfalls of contraception following unprotected sexual intercourse

Alcohol dependency and detoxification

This article looks at the health effects of excess alcohol intake along with treatment options for patients

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Breast cancer drugs approved; invasive yeast infection warning; guidance to curb postpartum bleeds; steps to halve gram-negative bloodstream infections

Managing sports injuries: shoulder rotator cuff injury

Rotator cuff pathology encompasses a variety of diagnoses, each with their own treatment options

Managing sports injuries: acromioclavicular joint injury

ACJ injuries are common and can be the result of an acute traumatic event or overuse

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