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Latest news - Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Government urged to save jobs of over 33,000 EU nurses

Nurse leaders call on ministers to safeguard the future of EU staff working in the UK

Brains develop complex thought processes during teenage years

Scientists uncover links between teenage brain development and mental illness

Spain registers first Zika microcephaly birth in Europe

Mother thought to have caught the virus on trip to Latin America

Raw eggs ‘safe for pregnant women’

Eggs can also be served raw or lightly cooked to vulnerable groups

People in the UK 11cm taller than in 1914

World’s largest ever height survey shows Dutch men and Latvian women are tallest



Any drive to remove 'ghost patients' is primarily about saving money; money that currently goes to Primary Care

Improving cancer drug testing

Balls of cells with their own ‘passport’ to help speed up cancer drug testing

Fit notes

Should the ruling about GPs issuing sick notes be changed?

Gene editing technology

A technology that could help engineer better cancer targeting immune cells

Expert advice

Who knows what leaving the EU will mean for the NHS

On The Pulse - June 2016

Stem-cell transplantation for multiple sclerosis

Dashboard medicine

A sensible summary of clinical markers can be a useful form of feedback to doctors

Rising costs of generic medications

Louise Newson discusses how some entrepreneurs have made a fortune by exploiting a loophole in NHS pricing rules


End-of-life care must be a core priority for all local health and care leaders

Tracey Bleakley outlines how more health and wellbeing boards and clinical commissioning groups can work collaboratively with hospices and other organisations to tackle gaps in service planning for end-of-life care

Smartphones: one of the ‘most powerful diagnostic tools now available’

How can digital patient-facing technology support a more patient-centric approach to care and support a future NHS?

What implications could Brexit have for NHS patients?

A prolonged economic fallout as a result of Brexit could have a chilling effect on the NHS budget, writes Elisabetta Zanon

Mobile technology: is the NHS closing the skills gap?

Does the NHS have the digital skills needed to help deliver new models of care? Steve Carvell details how some NHS trusts are starting to close the skills gap to meet clinical demands

10 tips to good record keeping

MDU medico-legal adviser, Dr Sally Old, provides ten tips on ensuring your notes are noteworthy

How do we develop primary care centres for an ageing population?

Andrew Darke explores how to develop a primary care infrastructure that will cater for an ageing population

Ealing’s integrated care journey: learning from international models

As part of NHS England's new care models programme, vanguards and integrated care pioneers have been working with international care model experts to share and adapt good practice

Breastfeeding issues

A case history exploring the diagnosis and management of common breastfeeding problems, with helpful advice for nursing mothers


Overview of type 1 diabetes

People with type 1 diabetes continue to have reduced life expectancy but morbidity and mortality can be greatly reduced by providing effective education, support, review and treatment

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Same-day referral advised for children with suspected diabetes; guidance issued on the diagnosis and management of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; suspected drug interaction between citalopram and cocaine

Managing minor illness in primary care - tonsillitis

An article on managing tonsillitis in primary care

Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE publishes first guideline on diagnosis and management of sepsis; SMC accepts two new medicines to treat different types of lung cancer; EMA completes its review of Zydelig

Perioral dermatitis

An article outlining the diagnosis and treatment of this skin condition mostly affecting younger women

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Surge in antidepressant prescriptions; guidance on mouth health for care home residents; guidance on diagnosing autism in adults; STIs on the rise

Mouth disorders

A review of various mouth disorders illustrated by clinical pictures

Medical Expo

Do you think the plan to remove "ghost patients" from GP lists is fair and safe? (See OnMedica News 22/07)

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