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Latest news - Sunday, 14 February 2016

Hospital chief executives against junior doctor contract imposition

Half the 20 chief executives that co-signed Dalton’s letter deny support for contract imposition

Better use of vaccines could help tackle antimicrobial resistance

The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance highlights how universal coverage could reduce the use of antibiotics

Recent asthma may be linked with abdominal aneurysm rupture

GPs should be alert to signs of abdominal aortic aneurysm in older patients with asthma

Cuts to public health budgets could put pressure on NHS, councils warn

Public health allocations from central government are being cut again for the next two years

Life expectancy of over 65s is highest ever

A report by Public Health England outlines life expectancy for older people


Is 111 worth all the money?

Louise Newson wonders if the money could be better spent elsewhere in the NHS

Women’s work

Stop suggesting that doctors who choose to reduce their hours, male or female, are somehow draining the system – be grateful we have them at all

On The Pulse - 29th January 2016

Betahistine is no better than placebo in Ménière’s disease

Differentiating cancers

How do you tell the lethal cancers from the non-lethal ones?

On The Pulse - 22nd January 2016

Oral contraceptives don’t increase risk of birth defects

Will a sugar tax reduce obesity in the UK?

Louise Newson asks the question as the sugar tax moves a step closer

On The Pulse - 15th January 2016

Frozen faecal transplants for recurrent C diff infection

No Place In The Sun

A reaction to the press coverage of the strike


Understanding cancer - the importance of patient data

Having a complete high-quality national cancer registration and analysis service for the whole of England is one of the greatest achievements in public health, says Jem Rashbass

Taking the sting out of osteoarthritis

More than 10,000 Danish people with arthritis have benefitted from a 12-week education/rehabilitation programme, typically reporting a third less pain one year on. If this was a drug, NICE would have mandated it by now, writes Arthritis Research UK’s Dr Benjamin Ellis

Improving cancer diagnosis

The NHS must move beyond 19th century cancer diagnostics to save 11,000 more lives

Tackling antimicrobial resistance

How can GP surgeries deal with an influx of patients asking for antibiotics to treat coughs and colds?

The silent scandal that speaks volumes

Why has the avoidable deaths of 1,200 people every year not stirred the national scandal it ought to, asks Mencap chief executive, Jan Tregelles

The evolution of a CCG lay member

Providing scrutiny and assurance, challenge and expertise, lay members’ roles on clinical commissioning group (CCG) governing bodies have evolved over the last three years. Susanne Hasselmann, a lay member herself, tells us how.

The potential of 3D and 4K technologies in medicine

Display technology for medicine has advanced rapidly and shows benefits for both hospitals and general practices

The publication of GP net earnings – how, why and when?

By 31 March 2016 GPs will have to publish their earnings online. Specialist medical accountant Bob Senior explains the background and offers some practical advice on calculating the correct figures


Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE issues guidelines on diagnosing and managing myeloma, SMC approves guanfacine to treat ADHD, approval for ulipristal acetate to treat symptoms of uterine fibroids

End of life care in COPD

This article looks at symptom management and end of life care in COPD

Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE proposes indicators on stroke and approves new options for RA; US gets new treatment for chronic hepatitis C

Night sweats

A guide to the investigation and differential diagnosis of patients presenting with night sweats

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Docetaxel can now be prescribed immediately for men with incurable advanced prostate cancer and draft NICE guidance recommends nivolumab for advanced melanoma

Glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) and screening for diabetes

HbA1c is now recommended for both type 2 diabetes diagnosis and glucose control monitoring in people with diabetes

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Changes to screening programmes; lung cancer drug enters early access scheme; local area high blood pressure profiles published

Stroke and other vascular disorders

Prevention of stroke and early diagnosis and management can have an enormous benefit to a patient’s quality of life

Fits, faints and funny turns

A history of these events can be very vague but a good history usually provides a clear indication of the likely underlying cause

Medical Expo

Do you find that clinical staff retention is a challenge in your place of work? (See OnMedica News 05/02)

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