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Latest news - Sunday, 23 November 2014

GPs defend cancer diagnosis skills

RCGP says vast majority of referrals after two consultations are positive

No fertility help for young women with breast cancer

Charity says all younger women should be referred to fertility experts at diagnosis

Doctors urge worldwide effort to end violence against women

One in three women experience either physical or sexual violence at the hands of a partner

NHS staff urged to have flu jab

Experts say 'get vaccinated to protect vulnerable patients'

Health workers’ hand-washing rates decline through the working day

And as work intensity increases, hand hygiene compliance rates suffer


On The Pulse - 21st November 2014

Questions about antibiotic prophylaxis for dental procedures

On The Pulse - 14th November 2014

Oral contraceptives carry no long-term increase in risk for all-cause mortality

Payment for diagnosing dementia

Should this be allowed?

Simon Says

‘Eat Less, Move More, Pay More, Measure More, Compete More’

On The Pulse - 07th November 2014

Co-trimoxazole dangerous when combined with ACE inhibitors or ARBs


When medics face great personal risk in the line of duty

On The Pulse - 31st October 2014

Self-harm in adolescents predicts later mental health problems

A new vision for the NHS

What does it mean for cancer?


Paving the way towards integrated care

Dr Joel Ratnasothy examines how population health data could help drive step-change towards integrated care

Workforce optimisation

Amanda Bassett and Laurence Ansell examine how employee engagement and workforce intelligence systems can help NHS organisations satisfy divergent Quality and Cost objectives

Clinical research

Momentous changes to EU rules will finally unleash the NHS' clinical research potential, says Elisabetta Zanon

Making the case for local tobacco control

For nearly 20 years England has been doing great work to tackle the harms caused by smoking

Leading the way with NHS Screening Programmes

The UK National Screening Committee, part of Public Health England, is 'recognised worldwide as a best practice model for screening policy and implementation'

A burning platform – maximising the nursing contribution to the antimicrobial resistance challenge

Nurses and midwives are a vital resource for tackling this huge public health challenge for the 21st century

Will collaboration be the hallmark of the future health and care system?

The starting point for any discussion on NHS workforce requirements should be what patients need to get the best possible outcomes, says Karen Middleton

Cardiovascular risk and cholesterol management

This educational module will look at evidence-based cholesterol management and related QOF points


Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE to issue new guidelines to tackle antibiotic resistance; guidelines on anaemia management up for consultation; and MHRA...

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

A summary of the diagnosis and management of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Subclinical hypothyroidism

This article covers the definition, investigations and management of patients with suspected subclinical hypothyroidism

Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE supports technologies for burn healing and pressure ulcer prevention; EMA reviews ivabradine safety; and SIGN updates asthma...

Antibiotic resistance

This article outlines the current situation regarding antibiotic resistance and provides an overview of its aetiology. It outlines...

Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE and the SMC recommend dabigatran for the treatment and prevention of blood clots; and PHE updates its...

Adhesive capsulitis

A review article outlining the clinical features and treatment options of this self-limiting shoulder condition with a comprehensive...

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Strengthened warnings for Iclusig; new quality standard on gallstone disease; and changes to product information for polymyxins ...

Diagnosis and evaluation of depression in adults

This article reviews the assessment of depression and suicide risk according to NICE guidance


This case history deals with the diagnosis and management of adult migraine and also covers the differential diagnosis...

Online Medical Device Resource

Medicalexpo - The Online Medical Exhibition

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