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Latest news - Tuesday, 2 September 2014

NHS issues warning on poor discharge communication

Communication at handover accounted for a third of 10,000 incidents reported last year

Doctors demand action on child obesity

They warn an entire generation will be ‘destroyed’ by junk food and sugary drinks

Diabetic footcare campaign praised

Diabetes UK's initiative means more UK hospitals preventing diabetes-related amputations

Electronic nose ‘smells’ C-diff

New system provides fast and effective detection of specific strains of C-difficile

Patients to set agenda for senior NHS managers

First ever Citizen Assembly will grill NHS England board on questions set by patients


Physician associates – do they have a role?

Louise Newson wonders if they will help reduce the workload

On The Pulse - 29th August 2014

New study raises questions about current guidelines on dietary salt intake

The Facebook Challenge

John Cormack discusses the dangers of social media

Botox for stomach cancer?

No, but the research is fascinating

On The Pulse - 22nd August 2014

Managing urinary tract symptoms in older men


A condition still misunderstood by the public

Prostate drug decision

Highlighting urgent need for reform?

On The Pulse - 15th August 2014

Aspirin for the prevention of cancer

Can I trust this doctor?

Do you tell your patients who pays you, and for what?


Finding new cures with data transparency

There is now a clear path to success with clinical trial data transparency that should benefit patients in the near future, says Simon Tilley

Want a secure future for primary care? Embrace a social model of health

The current debate about the future of primary care and general practice seems to be focused on size. It’s not that size can’t be beautiful but securing a long-term future for primary care will take much more than simply ‘bulking up’, says Merron Simpson

Look to community services to support struggling trusts

Reshaping care to work more effectively and sustainably for the growing number of people with ongoing, complex needs is the way forward - and this will best be met through more community health and social care.

Federations not a miracle answer

Read the results of our latest GP survey which reveals the limitations of collaborative working and highlights GPs’ lack of faith in the unplanned admissions DES, despite high uptake

What does the digital age mean for the public’s health?

What are your favourite examples of digital public health?

Put more trust in NHS trusts

More faith is needed in NHS providers’ ability to get on with the business of delivering change, says Matt Tee

Making Every Contact Count: taking a system wide approach

Sophie Taysom, policy lead for MECC at the Department of Health, explains how interactions with patients and the public can be viewed as an opportunity to promote health and well-being

Symptom control in palliative care - Part 2

This case history is the second of two modules dealing with symptom control in palliative care



A review of this severe and potentially life-threatening dermatological condition

Critical appraisal of medical papers

A summary of the method of appraisal of clinical papers and basic medical statistics for GP registrars

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Jaw replacement surgery recommended by NICE; new guidance on acute kidney injury; restricted use for bromocriptine to prevent...

Videoing consultations for the GP trainee

Video consultations and clinical observation tools for Clinical Skills Assessment preparation

Drug and Therapeutics Update

New guidance on early colorectal cancer, prostate drug turned down and Scotland gets new drugs for RA and...

Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening

A review of this common and important condition and the UK screening programme

Small group learning for the Clinical Skills Assessment

A review article on the use of small group revision for the CSA

Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE rejects breast cancer treatment on grounds of cost and looks again at two drugs for lung cancer...

Pyoderma gangrenosum

A review of this uncommon ulcerating skin condition causing a sterile neutrophilic dermatosis

A concise guide to the MRCGP

An concise overview of the MRCGP training and assessment system for any new GP registrars starting in practice...

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Online module to curb side effects of anticoagulants; new multiple myeloma guidance; and vaccine schedule updates

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