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Molecular Medicine

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Thousands of men could be spared unnecessary treatment and debilitating side effects
Almost double the risk of stroke in migraine patients
Technology already having huge impact; health and food production stand to gain
Discovery opens up potential for new drugs to target specific mutated genes
HSP90 inhibitors strip cancer cells of defences against hormone treatments
Scientists say new findings could transform care and treatment of the condition
Finding paves way for better treatment
HFEA approves groundbreaking research application
Royal College of Pathologists sets out priorities in response to Five Year Forward View
Olaparib shown to slow tumours in patients with specific DNA mutations
Scientists say breakthrough could lead to new types of painkiller
Finding may pave way for future treatments
Study reveals major changes in protein manufacture activity throughout the day
Cells produce toxins which kill brain tumours without killing normal cells
British researchers developed technique that regenerates damaged central nervous system connections
But only for specific and defined groups, says expert panel in third review of evidence
British scientists discover locking protein which binds eggs to sperm
Patients' own tissue used to repair cancer damage and create new organs
Injections of high dose vitamin C could be a cheap treatment for ovarian and other cancers
Up to a billion molecules to be tested for key protein involved in cancer cell survival and resistance to treatment
Researchers optimistic about patient specific regenerative therapies for conditions such as ulcerative colitis
Work on vesicles has ‘revolutionised’ understanding of cell organisation
Blocking the gene could lead to new treatments for Crohn's and arthritis
Auxilliary transplant technique helps patients’ own liver regrow
Study shows widely used diabetes drug slows ageing by mimicking dieting effect
Cambridge researchers reverse paralysis in pet dogs with back injuries
Call for regulators to reconsider use of triclosan
First human trials use patients own heart stem cells to repair damage
Ageing prompts DNA structural abnormalities
Guidance aims to clarify ethical issues around use of genetic material
Gene therapy for children with absent or compromised immune systems
Mortality rate falls to less than a quarter of the 2006 figure
Technological advances pushing ethical boundaries, say researchers
Rogue molecules explain why trauma victims can suffer collateral organ damage
Hsp-27 offers hopes of tailoring treatment to speed of tumour development
DH agrees supplies of 90 million doses of H1N1 vaccine
Report shows worrying reduction in expert clinician and researcher expertise
Development could lead to continuous blood supplies
Hunt over for enzyme critical for DNA repair in cancer
Preliminary research offers ray of hope for children with congenital disease
Medics need more information on genetic tests, says report
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