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This article looks at the investigation of iron deficiency anaemia, including: misleading ferritin levels, recent changes to NICE guidance and what to do when gastroscopy and colonoscopy have come back as normal
New heart failure drug recommended; views on homeopathy sought; seven-day readmissions figures issued
This article gives an overview of undescended testes, including how to manage the condition and potential complications
NICE publishes its first guideline for the social care sector, it also recommends a non-invasive diagnostic device, and approves an anti-blood clotting drug for the prevention of stroke and systemic embolism
This article gives an overview of relapsing polychondritis, the rare inflammatory condition predominately affecting the cartilage of the ears, nose and tracheobronchial tree
New BPH treatment avoids tissue removal; more options for spine arthritis; flu vaccine protection better than thought
This article gives an overview of this condition and discusses the current treatment options available
NHS England slims down Cancer Drug Fund and publishes standards for invasive procedures
This clinical article looks at the types of questions that should be asked of any patient presenting with knee pain in primary care
This clinical article in the knee series looks at a systematic approach to the examination of the knee in order that signs can be elicited in a patient with pain
Refresh your knowledge with this clinical summary of the principles of investigation and management of this very common injury to the lower limb
Coeliac disease guidance update; advice on fever after MenB vaccination; and views sought on autism guidance
GP guidance on managing common infections; views sought on new patient safety body; policy on multi-drug resistant TB
GPs who overprescribe antibiotics to come under fire; new NICE guidance on myeloma; undeclared ingredients in online ‘health supplements’
An article on the diagnostic value of spirometry for respiratory conditions
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