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The articles on this page are written independently and exclusively for OnMedica and peer reviewed. They cover a wide range of clinical topics relevant to healthcare professionals.

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An overview of the causes, diagnosis, management and prognosis of constipation in children and infants
NICE rejects multiple myeloma drug in draft guidance; PRAC recommends strengthening the restrictions on valproate medicines; and SMC recommends several new drugs for NHS Scotland
An overview of the clinical presentation and management of scabies in children with consideration of treatment, side effects and exclusion criteria for school and nursery
A clinical summary of urinary tract infections in childhood covering prevalence, presentation, diagnosis, management and investigations
NHS England consults on changes to Cancer Drug Fund and its strategy for preventing never events; European Medicines Agency website now lists suspected side effects of nationally authorised medicines
This article looks at primary prevention of osteoporosis including risk factors and interpretation of diagnostic tests
The second article in a two-part series on osteoporosis. This article looks at both medical and non-medical treatment of osteoporosis including key trial data
Speeding up heart attack detection; simplified Yellow Card system; and tackling falls prevention
New guidelines on bipolar disorder; extended prescribing in Wales; and medical device alert on defibrillators
With the flu season fast approaching, read our updated article looking at the symptoms, diagnosis, management and vaccination of flu
NICE provisionally approves drugs for hepC and malignant melanoma; greater caution needed with agomelatine; and leaflet encourages people to comply with their GP’s request for a stool sample
A guide to the diagnosis of endometrial carcinoma with an overview of treatment options
Domperidone (Motilium) now prescription-only; and schools to keep emergency asthma inhalers from next month
An outline of the presentation, investigation and treatment options of this serious neurological condition
Guidance on ebola virus in primary care; safety alert on sepsis; new guidance on pulmonary embolism

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