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CAR T-cell therapy now recommended for some types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in final draft guidance, NICE rejects vandetanib for medullary thyroid cancer; SMC accepts pertuzumab for HER2 positive breast cancer
A review of the presentation, diagnosis and management of a condition which can lead to complications such as impaired renal function, renal failure and septicaemia
NICE approves innovative heart procedure in draft recommendations; AWMSG recommends Ivemend® for the prevention of nausea and vomiting
A review of the presentation and management of this highly contagious condition transmitted by prolonged direct skin to skin contact
NICE recommends tofacitinib for ulcerative colitis and regorafenib for liver cancer; Royal College of Surgeons issues guidance to help manage winter pressures
Pembrolizumab recommended as adjuvant therapy for melanoma and combination therapy for lung cancer in final NICE draft guidance; thrombectomy to be offered up to 24 hours after onset of stroke
A review of new evidence around management and how this can guide current consultations with hypertensive patients ahead of NICE’s upcoming guidance update
CAR T-cell therapy recommended for leukaemia, and lenvatinib for hepatocellular carcinoma; drug safety update on hydrochlorothiazide due to risk of non-melanoma skin cancer
Vyxeos recommended for acute myeloid leukaemia in NICE final draft guidance; heavy menstrual bleeding NICE guideline updated; cannabis-based products: guidance and information on law
A review of the inhaled long-acting bronchodilators for COPD
An overview of multiple myeloma, a progressive malignant disease of plasma cells
NICE publishes suite of antimicrobial prescribing guidance; NHS HEE publishes self-harm and suicide prevention competence framework; PHE publishes resources for GPs and practice staff on NHS screening programmes
Cytomegalovirus is a common herpes virus that usually causes benign infections but can cause very severe infections, especially in people who are immunosuppressed
Dengue is a fast emerging pandemic-prone viral disease in many parts of the world, particularly in Africa, the Americas, Eastern Mediterranean, South-East Asia and Western Pacific region
The incidence of osteomyelitis is increasing and early diagnosis and treatment are essential to avoid possible complications, which include amputation
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