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The articles on this page are written independently and exclusively for OnMedica and peer reviewed. They cover a wide range of clinical topics relevant to healthcare professionals.

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NICE advises GPs on identifying kidney disease and finalises 10% CVD risk threshold for statin treatment; MHRA explains new drug-driving offence
A summary of the principles of investigation and management of this very common injury to the lower limb
A clinical review looking at QRISK analysis and treatment/monitoring of high risk patients incorporating the July 2014 NICE guidance
NICE issues final recommendation on nursing levels and draft guidance on treating obesity proposes greater use of bariatric surgery
A review article summarising the different consultation models that can greatly affect the patient experience of visiting a doctor. A useful piece for GP registrars in training.
A clinical review of DMD, the second most commonly occurring genetically inherited disease in humans
Integrated personal commissioning; consultation on mental health legislation; local public health profiles published
An outline of the required elements of a routine baby check with the conditions to be alert to. This article also includes information on routine screening tests performed.
A clinical review article on the symptoms and management of this cause of pelvic pain
New commission launched to address drug-resistant infections; PHE confirms new ‘contaminated feed’ death; pre-filled birthing pools suspended in home settings
A review of current thinking on benign leiomyomas of the myometrium and management options for patients
New treatment approved for type 2 diabetes; antibiotics proposed as best treatment to prevent pneumonia deaths; and new logo to help patients identify legitimate online pharmacies
A review article on this common autoimmune condition, whose clinical features may be misleading, especially in the elderly
A concise overview of the diseases that are related to a previous asbestos exposure
Clinical article on pregnant women with diabetes regarding potential risks and management strategies for the best outcome

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