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New heart failure drug to cut deaths; prostate and ovarian cancer drugs approved; check ketoacidosis in patients on SGLT2 inhibitors
NICE approves drug for Duchenne muscular dystrophy; new SIGN guideline on acute coronary syndrome; cases of azithromycin-resistant gonorrhoea continue to rise
NICE issues guidance on responsible use of controlled drugs; SMC approves alendronic acid effervescent tablets; rise in womb cancer cases in the UK
Pituitary tumours are very common but many are found incidentally at the time of imaging and have no clinical significance. But pituitary tumours may present with features of excessive hormone production, hypopituitarism or as a space-occupying lesion.
New multiple myeloma treatment; first leadless pacemaker; extra options for rare genetic conditions; test to screen for Zika in blood donations
The commonest cause of hypopituitarism in adults is a pituitary tumour. Hypopituitarism may present with non-specific features such as fatigue, or may present with specific features of hormone deficiency.
NICE issues draft update to its lower back pain guidance recommending NSAIDs and exercise but not acupuncture
NICE approves abiraterone after all, but rejects new CF drug; EMA explains inhaled steroid risks; FDA issues opioid alerts
Device alert on hearing aid batteries; update on cancer drug that can cause gastrointestinal perforation; review of cancer medicine with serious events in clinical trials
Dizziness is a common presentation in primary care. A good history usually gives a clear indication of the underlying cause. Many patients can be effectively treated without specialist referral
NICE issues draft recommendations to help people with learning disabilities experiencing mental health problems; EMA launches scheme to speed development of medicines targeting unmet medical need
Shining light in a dark hole – examining, diagnosing and treating oral lesions
NICE publishes standard on domestic abuse, e-cigarette rules tightened, safety alert on antiemetic medication Maxolon
The lack of antidotes for the new oral anticoagulants has slowed uptake but, with the first specific antidote launched and more in the pipeline, warfarin’s days may be numbered
NICE sets out standards for MND care and recommends ezetimibe in some cases of high cholesterol; MHRA reminds doctors about risks of valproate in pregnancy

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