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Latest news - Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Nearly six in ten CCGs missing talking therapies targets

Mind charity says it’s vital for quality, timely services to be in place to meet rising demand

Trusts need extra £350m to cope with winter pressures

Extra social care funding fails to help the NHS as planned – worse to come next winter

NHS Scotland pressures ‘need urgent action now’

Rise above political instability to focus on NHS Scotland’s needs, BMA urges politicians

Stress linked to mortality in CHD patients

CHD patients with moderate or severe stress have higher CVD and all-cause mortality

Do night shifts hinder body’s ability to repair DNA?

Lower melatonin production during night work might cut ability to repair normal DNA damage


Push bar to open

Do we learn when things go tragically wrong?

‘Once in a career feeling’

Trial shows offering prostate cancer drug earlier improves survival

A strong and stable NHS

A view on the direction of the health service under a minority government

Choices, choices

A review of the health promises in the parties' manifestos

On The Pulse - May 2017

Are statins’ side effects exaggerated?

Where will indemnity rises stop?

A look at when medicolegal insurance costs make working as a GP financially unviable

Virtual lab

This could be the future of how doctors view cancer


Join the OnMedica Media Panel

OnMedica has launched a media panel that will enable its members to air their views to the media on topical healthcare issues in the UK

The NHS had a wake-up call after the WannaCry cyberattacks – what is Europe doing to respond?

Recent cyberattacks show a consolidated effort is needed to prepare the NHS for any future cyber security incidents, writes European policy expert, Sarah Collen

The vital voice of the commissioning nurse

Providing a unique patient viewpoint and strategic clinical insight, commissioning nurses are making an invaluable contribution to clinical commissioning across England. Their voice must continue to be heard, writes Jim Connolly.

How can the NHS harness the power of clinicians and accountants to deliver value?

Closer working between clinical and financial colleagues can yield a range of benefits, argues Mark Orchard

Is your practice at risk of ‘last man standing’?

Medical accountant James Gransby explains how to protect yourself against a collapse in your GP partnership

Why doctors should not lose heart if they make a mistake

Dr Pallavi Bradshaw reflects on Lord Justice Jackson’s comment that “even good and conscientious doctors may, from time to time, fall short”

Sinusitis, nasal polyps, vestibulitis and furuncles

This article reviews the presentation and management of these common ENT conditions in primary care


Drug and Therapeutics Update

Roflumilast approved for COPD; NICE looking at safety and efficacy of vaginal mesh; new drug for Crohn’s disease; MHRA approves idebenone for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Eating disorders

This course covers the diagnosis and management of eating disorders, with reference to the latest NICE guidance, and includes a case scenario

Bulimia nervosa

A summary review of the detection and management of bulimia, with reference to the latest NICE guidance

Anorexia nervosa

A summary review of the detection and management of anorexia, with reference to the latest NICE guidance

Diet, lifestyle and cardiovascular disease

A summary of modifiable risk factors and the impact of lifestyle changes on hypertension and cardiovascular disease

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Breast cancer drug now recommended in NICE draft guidance following new commercial access arrangement, EMA’s first public hearing on the safety of a medicine to look at valproate; SMC approves treatment for opioid drug addiction

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma and sinus cancer

Nasopharyngeal carcinomas and nasal and sinus cancers are all rare but should always be considered when a patient presents with unilateral nasal symptoms, such as obstruction or discharge, especially bloody discharge.

Intrauterine devices

A review of how intrauterine contraceptive devices work and what patients should be told when they are thinking about having an IUD fitted

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