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Latest news - Tuesday, 1 September 2015

BMA challenges Cameron on seven-day working

Doctors demand details of PM's seven-day NHS

Stigma around gynaecological cancers costs lives

Embarrassment or shame linked to ideas of sexual promiscuity prevents women from seeking help

‘Risky behaviour’ link to potential suicides

Reckless or impulsive behaviour linked to 50% higher chance of suicide attempt

Patients face postcode access to neurology appointments

42% of CCGs fail to offer fair access to neurology outpatient appointments

Life expectancy rising alongside illness and disability

Global life expectancy rises 6.2 years since 1990


Is the grass greener? (Part 2)

Was relocating to be a GP in Canada worth all the effort?

On The Pulse - 28th August 2015

Low risk of underlying malignancy in people with venous thromboembolism

Telling stories

Our new blogger discusses the recent debate around GP prescribing of antibiotics and the art of attention-grabbing headlines

On The Pulse - 21st August 2015

The therapeutic potential of music

Risks of bodybuilding supplements

Although supplements are legal, they are not without risks, warns Louise Newson

On The Pulse - 14th August 2015

An innovative treatment for children with glue ear

Odds and Ends

Anything new to say about 7-day working and physician assistants? “Probably not” says John Cormack – but he doesn't let that deter him

UTI self-management

Should women with uncomplicated UTIs be able to self-manage?


Preventing HIV

Kevin Fenton, PHE National Director for Health and Wellbeing, describes new approaches to an ongoing problem

Academic world – the gender gap

Despite slowly increasing numbers, not enough women are securing senior research leadership roles, say Liz Sapey and Susan Wray from the SUSTAIN reference group

Good clinical leadership is a must-have for improving care

With clinical and managerial leadership under the spotlight following recent reports by Sir Robert Naylor and Lord Stuart Rose, Dr Alistair Blair shares why the NHS needs to “move on from the dogma of ‘clinician good, manager bad’”

£1.5bn of NHS savings the government must not miss

Promises of a paperless NHS may have been a bold move from Jeremy Hunt, but an approach in Surrey could still save hundreds of millions if scaled up across the health service, writes Apira Director Geoff Broome

Wearables, big data, and analytics in healthcare

Mark Gamble, Senior Director at OpenText analyses how healthcare organisations are exploring ways to use wearable devices to simplify, transform and accelerate patient-centric care

Palliative care

We must end the inequity in access to palliative care, says Dr Jane Collins

Population health management: lessons from abroad

As the journey towards health and social care integration progresses, Colin Henderson explores what lessons can be learnt from overseas initiatives


This case history covers the diagnosis and management of dyspepsia with reference to the recent NICE guidelines


Drug and Therapeutics Udpate

GP guidance on managing common infections; views sought on new patient safety body; policy on multi-drug resistant TB

Bipolar affective disorder

This case history deals with bipolar affective disorder, a severe and disabling condition with high morbidity and mortality rates

Drug and Therapeutics Udapte

GPs who overprescribe antibiotics to come under fire; new NICE guidance on myeloma; undeclared ingredients in online ‘health supplements’

Spirometry in primary care

An article on the diagnostic value of spirometry for respiratory conditions

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Diabetes medicines now responsible for one tenth of the primary care prescribing bill

Alopecia areata

A review of the aetiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment of this autoimmune condition

Drug and Therapeutics Update

New quality indicators for GPs; extra cash for eating disorders services; teen smoking data

Prostate cancer diagnosis and management

This course covers all aspects of this condition which the primary healthcare professional should be aware of

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