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Latest news - Friday, 30 September 2016

Northern Ireland GPs consider mass resignation

BMA asks GPs in the province if they are prepared to submit undated resignation letters

Pharma withheld faulty device info in rivaroxaban trial

Patients must live with uncertainty until concerns over key trial data are addressed

NSAIDs and COX 2s linked to heart failure admission

NSAIDs pose clear cardio risk to some people so tighter regulation is justified, say experts

Fifth of emergency bowel cancer cases had red flag symptoms

GPs doing a good job but need better access to tools to support timely cancer diagnosis

Women using hormonal contraception at higher depression risk

Raised risk of depression and first use of antidepressant, especially in adolescents



How should doctors complete their Conflict of Interest form?

MS nurse deficit in UK

64% of people with MS live an area lacking specialist care

Public unaware obesity causes cancer

And that's really worrying, says Cancer Research UK

Breast cancer and HRT

No need to panic about recent study results, says Louise Newson

On The Pulse - August 2016

Active surveillance might be better in advanced kidney cancer

What value do GPs offer?

Truly understanding the complexities and demands of working in an out-of-hospital environment key to value what GPs offer

Impossible things

Can the NHS fly through the turbulences?


Reality check - what the Wachter Review means for IT in the NHS

Professor Robert Wachter’s review of progress towards a digitised NHS highlights some important and practical lessons, writes health tech chief medical officer Dr Shaun O’Hanlon

We have an obligation to be agents for social justice

The healthcare sector must reach out to other sectors and partner with them to address societal problems, writes Jason Helgerson

Pressure makes diamonds

Could vanguards lead the metamorphosis of UK healthcare?

How to master the art of negotiating CHC placements

Care fees specialist Ray Hart explains the art of negotiating fees for high-cost continuing healthcare (CHC) packages

Will removing bursaries for student nurses actually lead to more nursing staff?

Toby Watt, from the Health Foundation, looks at the data

Money can’t stand in the way of better healthcare

Some of the greatest healthcare innovations in New York occurred during the Great Recession. And that’s why the director of New York State’s $54bn Medicaid programme is urging the NHS to innovate at all costs

Hand disorders

A review of various hand disorders illustrated by clinical pictures


Drug and Therapeutics Update

Views sought on end-of-life care; range of final NICE guidance published, including treatment for cancer, ankylosing spondylitis and macular degeneration; detailed dementia statistics published

Barrett’s oesophagus

This article reviews the diagnosis and management of Barrett’s oesophagus, a condition which predisposes to the development of oesophageal carcinoma

Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE issues guidance on skin cancer; final guidance on multimorbidity published; SIGN updates its British guideline on the management of asthma

Acne vulgaris

This case history, which includes clinical images, covers the presentation, diagnosis and management of this common skin condition

Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE advises on spondyloarthritis, and urges better care of people with learning difficulties; MHRA says statins safe and effective


Acromegaly is rare and the insidious onset of symptoms often leads to long delays before diagnosis. However, early diagnosis and effective treatment can change a condition associated with increased morbidity and mortality to one with a very good prognosis.

Drug and Therapeutics Udpate

Treatment recommended for certain types of hepatitis C; cobimetinib with vemurafenib not recommended for advanced melanoma; plans for seven-day hospital pharmacy services launched

Medical Expo

Do you find patient care is being affected by the lack of funding in primary care? (See OnMedica News 21/09)

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