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Latest news - Sunday, 29 May 2016

Doctors told to halve inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions by 2020

Prime Minister announces tough new measures to curb inappropriate antibiotic use in the UK

Concern over high death rates for teenage cancer

Teenagers and young adults fare worse than young children for many common cancers

NHS spending on private ambulances trebles

BBC investigation finds the NHS spends three times more on private ambulances than four years ago

HPV vaccine to be piloted in gay men

Charities representing gay men have branded the pilot a ‘stalling tactic’ and say a full programme should be rolled out now

Rise in hospital admissions attributable to smoking

Admissions estimated to be attributable to smoking rise by 5% in ten years


On The Pulse - May 2016

The questionable relation between dietary salt, blood pressure and hypertension

Identity crisis

General Practice has lost its identity, says Chris Preece, and unless we do something to address it soon – others will define it for us

The role of nurses

How can healthcare systems ensure patients don’t become numbers in a line?

Patients of the future: diagnosis

How far away we are from turning science fiction into fact? A look at where the research and technology is at today

On The Pulse - April 2016

Signs that inequalities in health are lessening

HRT – reversal of fortune!

Louise Newson discusses how the WHI study has been misinterpreted, resulting in women missing out on the benefits of HRT

Things to look forward to

A vision of the "rescue" offered by the General Practice Forward View

The Tin Man

A patient’s perspective on how to support people with Parkinson’s disease

Unrelenting demand

Can primary care keep rising to the unrelenting stress placed upon it or will it burn out?


Striving for excellence and valuing general practice

The Quality and Outcomes Framework has had many proponents and detractors since its introduction over a decade ago, and there’s a great deal we can learn from our experience of it, says Prof Niro Siriwardena

STPs can help CCGs deliver eye care at scale

Sustainability and transformation plans have real potential to improve the coordination of patient care, says the head of the Local Optical Committee Support Unit, Katrina Venerus, enabling commissioners to finally crack a tricky nut

Should local leaders pursue devolution deals for health care?

Place-based and integrated care is fashionable in health and social care policy. There are a plethora of initiatives aiming to make them happen. Devolution deals are somewhat different to the other schemes, explains Felicity Dormon.

Making management work in practice

While GP pressures are almost always characterised in terms of their effect on the clinical workforce, Clare Allcock argues there is a group of professionals essential to the future of general practice who are almost entirely overlooked: practice managers

Physios offer solutions to ease the strain on GPs

With a perfect storm engulfing primary care, placing more physiotherapists in GP surgeries could offer a way to turn the tide, writes the head of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Personal health budgets: perceived threat and real opportunity

Not everyone is happy about personal health budgets. But as CCGs publish local offers, Benjamyn Damazer argues PHBs are central to achieving the people-powered NHS demanded in the Five Year Forward View

Addison’s disease

Addison’s disease can be very difficult to diagnose in the early stages because the presentation is usually with non-specific features. However early diagnosis is crucial to avoid a potentially fatal adrenal crisis.


Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE approves three drugs for type 2 diabetes; FDA probes canagliflozin safety; PHE offers Olympics health advice

Nocturnal acid breakthrough

Nocturnal acid breakthrough occurs in more than 70% of Helicobacter pylori-negative patients on PPI therapy and has clinical consequences, in particular in patients with complicated GORD, Barrett's oesophagus, and oesophageal motility abnormalities

Carcinoma of the thyroid

Most thyroid cancers are well-differentiated with an excellent prognosis. But early diagnosis and management to prevent local and distant spread is essential, especially for undifferentiated anaplastic thyroid cancer

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Draft NICE guidance highlights health needs of prisoners; expansion of personal health budgets; HIV Prevention Innovation Fund announced

Zika virus

A summary of the latest guidance about Zika virus

Drug and Therapeutics Update

New cholesterol drugs recommended; tests to rule out pre-eclampsia; new framework for diabetic foot disease; views sought on death certification

Malignancy-associated hypercalcaemia

Hypercalcaemia in a patient with cancer usually indicates a poor prognosis but effective treatment can be very beneficial for the patient’s wellbeing

Drug and Therapeutics Update

New guidance on microwave ablation; recommendations published on balloon pulmonary angioplasty; new guidance on surgical treatment for sciatica; NICE approves abiraterone for metastatic hormone-relapsed prostate cancer

Medical Expo

Do you agree with the CQC’s new inspection regime strategy? (See OnMedica News 24/05)

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