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Latest news - Friday, 6 December 2019

Integrated Care Systems expand to cover one in three patients

Scheme sees more health agencies working together

NHS Learning Disability nurse numbers plummet

Numbers in inpatient units drop nearly 60%

Scottish government to meet cost of NHS pension changes

GP practices will not be out of pocket, despite fee rise

Holidaymakers urged to check their MMR vaccine status

Advice comes as measles outbreaks strike Europe

Study warns of trend in ‘disordered eating’ to bulk up

Behaviour can escalate to muscle dysmorphia


Communication issues

Why being able to talk to colleagues is just as vital as talking to our patients

On The Pulse - June 2019

Best surgical interventions for women with stress urinary incontinence outlined

Good work – good health

The benefits of an enabling and positive atmosphere on health

ASCO 2019

Targeted treatment takeover, drugging the ‘undruggable’, obesity and blood tests

The view from Hammond’s limo

When it comes to poverty in the UK - what do you see?

Embalmed food

What is it about carbs that makes people so angry?


Integrating to improve the health of people in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

David Pearson, Independent Chair of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System, talks about the impact working in partnership across health and care is having on the people of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

Innovation through personalisation

On the announcement of the 2018-19 figures for personal health budgets, the Director of Personalised Care at NHS England and Improvement sets out the case for their valued innovation and how they can transform people’s lives

Forget Brexit, it’s all about TRexit

As TRUS procedures are being replaced by transperineal biopsies, advance nurse practitioner Jonah Rusere explains why the switch is good news for prostate cancer patients and how urology nurses can make a difference to prostate cancer pathways

Collaborate, keep control and carry on

In a challenging healthcare environment, Long-Term Partnerships and collaboration might just be the key to helping GPs deliver effective and sustainable primary care services – without relinquishing control, argues Chris Barker

NHS brain drain is down to punitive pension tax changes

The UK’s National Health Service pension scheme is fast becoming ludicrous, writes NHS Confederation chief executive, Niall Dickson

Targeted therapies – the next step forward for cancer treatment?

Molecular pathologist Prof Gareth Williams discusses the advantages of targeted therapies over chemotherapy and how to determine which targeted therapy to use

The Integrator: Cancer and STPs — 'If you work it out, let me know'

HSJ National Cancer Forum – Expert briefing: Insider tales and must-read analysis on how integration is reshaping health and care systems, NHS providers, primary care, and commissioning.


Drug and Therapeutics Update – 21st June

MHRA issues several drug safety updates, including on direct-acting oral anticoagulants, and GLP-1 receptor agonists; NICE now recommends blinatumomab for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Assessment and management of urinary incontinence in women

Two case histories covering the classification and management options for women with incontinence who present to primary care

Female incontinence

A 67-year-old lady comes to see you as she is troubled with leaking of urine. Her bladder control became poor after the birth of her third child. She now wears pads every day and sometimes does not get to the toilet in time

Bartholin’s cysts and abscesses

Mrs FY goes to see her GP one day with worsening pain and a swelling on the side of her vulva. She is now finding it very hard to even sit down. She is also complaining of some mild vaginal discharge

Pelvic organ prolapse

A summary of the risk factors and management options for this very common condition

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