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Latest news - Friday, 19 April 2019

GMC promises fewer investigations into one-off mistakes

Speedy assessment process has seen more cases closed without going to formal stage

Sultan of Brunei stripped of RCGP honours

The College meets next week to discuss its future professional relations with 'repressive regimes'

Priory group fined £300,000 over 14-year-old's death

Her mother is calling for the company's NHS contract to be ended

'Bubble Boy' disease reversed with HIV

Children born with severe combined immunodeficiency treated with genetically altered HIV

'Revived' dead pig brains offer new research hopes

Ethicists fear research animals could end up in a 'grey-area - not alive, but not completely dead'


The rise of food allergies

Gerry Morrow reviews the evidence-based approach to diagnosis

Institutional sexism

“The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.”

A good day

Essential to build so called ‘resilience’, but all too rare in the pressurised NHS environment

It’s time to let young people customise healthcare!

Dominique Thompson discusses how they are the future of healthcare and the NHS

On The Pulse – March 2019

Diagnosing brain tumours in primary care: how to reduce missed opportunities


Join the OnMedica Media Panel

OnMedica has launched a media panel that will enable its members to air their views to the media on topical healthcare issues in the UK

Is there a role for lay members in ICSs and ICPs

With the introduction of integrated care systems and integrated care partnerships, Susanne Hasselmann, outgoing chair of NHSCC’s lay member network, looks at the value lay members bring to the NHS

Improving the health and wellbeing of 1.5m NHS employees

Anya Gopfert is a junior doctor and also a clinical fellow at the Health Foundation, where she focuses on the role of the NHS in prevention and improving health. The Health Foundation spoke to her about how the NHS can develop its role as a healthy employer.

Joined-up care in action

The work of Pathway shows how services can be brought together to help homeless people with complex needs

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

A comprehensive review of ADHD, fully reviewed by NICE, including the latest NICE guidance as well as exclusive diagnosis and treatment algorithms developed by OnMedica


Drug and Therapeutics Update - 19th April

Tildrakizumab and certolizumab pegol recommended for severe plaque psoriasis in NICE final guidance; AWMSG recommends blinatumomab for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Multiple myeloma

A 72-year-old lady initially presented with back pain and increasing lethargy. Routine blood tests showed her to have hypercalcaemia. She has recently been diagnosed with myeloma and wants to know more about the condition

Alcohol abuse

This clinical article gives a broad overview of alcohol abuse, covering epidemiology and impact, identification and assessment, management and links to patient resources


A 43-year-old lady presents with a mole on her back which has been itching recently. You note that she has a whole-body suntan with blonde hair, blue eyes and tells you that she has lived in the UK all her life

Drug and Therapeutics Update - 12th April

Daratumumab plus bortezomib plus dexamethasone recommended by NICE within CDF for relapsed multiple myeloma; MHRA issues medicines defect information for Chloramphenicol 0.5% W/V Antibiotic Eye Drops


A 50-year-old man gives a three-day history of severe sore throat with pain on swallowing. He is normally fit and well. You make a provisional diagnosis of epiglottitis after performing an assessment

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