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Latest news - Friday, 21 September 2018

Doctors believe patient care has worsened

BMA survey reveals widespread concern

500 fewer nursing students begin training this month

Royal College of Nursing dismayed by figures

Public Health England accused of links with drinks industry

Agreement with Drinkaware slammed by experts

Stop smoking aids — better than going 'cold turkey'

One person quits smoking every 80 seconds

High gluten intake during pregnancy associated with diabetes

Study suggests risk of child developing type 1 diabetes


‘No-deal’ Brexit

What the Government’s plans could mean for cancer treatment, care and research

The secret life of a ventriloquist’s dummy

Chris Preece discusses the importance of using our own voice and the dangers of adopting others

On The Pulse - August 2018

Early detection of multiple myeloma in primary care: which blood tests are most useful?

Is the NHS ready for the NHS app?

As the NHS comes to grips with IT, James Booth ponders whether this will bring more problems than solutions

Not so ‘smart’ drugs

Do they pose a risk to patient safety?


Join the OnMedica Media Panel

OnMedica has launched a media panel that will enable its members to air their views to the media on topical healthcare issues in the UK

Deadly DNP

Simon Thomas, PHE, shines a spotlight on this toxic chemical used by many for body building and weight reduction. Despite the warnings, the number of deaths is rising.

Questions on Health Economics and commissioning

Public Health England publishes the answers to a number of questions they received from professionals across the UK

What promotes uptake and retention in group-based weight management services?

PHE’s Behavioural Insights team worked with researchers from Staffordshire University to conduct a literature review and behavioural analysis

Drug misuse deaths fall but still remain too high

As the ONS releases the latest figures for drug-related deaths in England and Wales, Rosanna O’Connor discusses the actions taken to tackle these issues

How we’re helping to release the capabilities of frontline staff

Rachel Houghton explains how Nottingham University Hospitals’ award-winning shared governance model has fundamentally changed how the trust operates

Safeguarding children

This course looks at how to recognise and act on child protection cases within a healthcare environment, with reference to the latest 'Working Together to Safeguard Children' guidance


Does this patient have dementia?

This case looks at the challenges in detecting and managing dementia early and how to distinguish it from other causes for confusion in the elderly

Frontotemporal dementia

The wife of a 59-year-old male patient comes to see you. She is concerned about a change in his behaviour

The increasing incidence of dementia

This article covers the aetiology, risk factors, diagnosis and management of this condition affecting 850,000 people in the UK and predicted to affect over a million by 2025

Lewy Body Dementia

A 72-year-old gentleman presents with his wife who is concerned about his memory. He is losing and forgetting things increasingly and his hand writing is deteriorating

Drug and Therapeutics Update - 14th September

NICE publishes recommendations which does not support the use of Neuropad for detecting diabetic peripheral neuropathy; SMC accepts Juluca® for virologically-suppressed HIV-1; PHE announces new flu vaccine

Primary care update: Hepatitis A

An overview of the diagnosis and management of this faeco-orally transmitted viral infection

Hepatitis A

A 35-year-old lady who is planning her family holiday to India, and wants to know which vaccinations she should receive

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