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Latest news - Wednesday, 24 August 2016

DH’s own documents admit doubts over a 7-day NHS

Leak warns of severe risk of ‘workforce overload’

Improvement in heart disease not uniform across UK

Prevalence is static over 30 years but treatments are better

Major study set to detect early signs of Alzheimer’s

Landmark £6.9m study aims to identify biomarkers

Combined HRT risk for cancer underestimated

Almost three times higher risk of cancer from combined HRT, study suggests

BMA calls off mass GP resignation ballot

NHS England agrees to basis for discussions on general practice


The Government’s children’s obesity plan 'will fail children'

Cancer Research UK gives three reasons why

Impossible things

Can the NHS fly through the turbulences?

Understanding the menopause

Too many women do not understand the menopause – this has to change, says Louise Newson

On The Pulse - July 2016

Exercise is as effective as arthroscopic menisectomy for patients with knee pain


Any drive to remove 'ghost patients' is primarily about saving money; money that currently goes to Primary Care


Money can’t stand in the way of better healthcare

Some of the greatest healthcare innovations in New York occurred during the Great Recession. And that’s why the director of New York State’s $54bn Medicaid programme is urging the NHS to innovate at all costs

Transforming services: a systems-based approach

Kevin Fenton explains PHE's work with the Value Based Healthcare Programme at the University of Oxford to develop a systems-based approach to healthcare

Putting quality first

As 12% of UK hospitals don’t have an agreed policy for alerting clinicians when x-rays or scans contain critical or urgent findings, David Howard explains the value of technology in underpinning quality assurance

What does it mean to be a Multispecialty Community Provider?

As NHS England sets out the details of the multispecialty community provider care model, two leading GPs take a look at what the proposals could mean

The curate’s egg of agency spend: when it comes to money, less is more

East Cheshire NHS Trust’s deputy medical director shares his approach to reducing agency spend on medical staff across the trust

Overview of type 1 diabetes

People with type 1 diabetes continue to have reduced life expectancy but morbidity and mortality can be greatly reduced by providing effective education, support, review and treatment



An overview of the processes of grieving, with a useful list of the risk factors for an abnormal response to bereavement

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Two drugs set to be removed from CDF; ticagrelor decision could benefit thousands; new pill for lung cancer

A generalist’s guide to sarcoma

Rare but serious: how to avoid missing the malignant lumps and bumps

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Alert issued on faulty glucose test strips; talimogene laherparepvec recommended for advanced melanoma; first generic version of Tamiflu approved in the US

Amiodarone: thyroid monitoring

This article looks at amiodarone and its effects on the thyroid gland. It covers hypothyroidism and thyrotoxicosis, the differences between type 1 and type 2 amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis and the specific treatment options

Drug and Therapeutics Update

Views sought on falls prevention; flu jab e-learning programme; PrEP ruling; four new drugs in Cancer Drugs Fund

Ear disorders

A review of various ear disorders illustrated by clinical pictures

Drug and Therapeutics Update

NICE publishes guidance on motor neurone disease; EMA recommends suspension of some medicines due to flawed studies; new safety measures recommended for Zydelig

Medical Expo

Grassroots junior doctors said the 7-day NHS policy was ‘inherently risky to patients’ (see OnMedica News 23/08). Do you agree?

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